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Yaroze (Lets Do it) 
Many of you will have heard of the Net Yaroze by now. Released about 22 months ago in Japan and a bit later everywhere else, the Yaroze is a part of Sony's Innovative effort to bring back the days of lone programming, & try & bring some new talent in to the Playstation gameing world as well.
The Yaroze is basically a Playstation with a PC interface & a bunch of software tools that allows games to be written on the PC (or MAC) & then Loaded into the PlayStation for testing & playing. Thousands of Black PlayStations have been sold all over the world.
People are starting to ask the question: Where are the games? To be fair to the people who bought a Yaroze, it's still early days yet. Becoming a game designer & programmer from scratch is no mean feat! Another delaying factor that seems to havehave affected quite a few Yaroze programmers is the limitation the machine places on them only being able to use the PlayStation's internal code libraries, rather than allowing them to make their own. Libraries are sort of shortcuts the programmers can use when programming in C or another such language & it saves them having to write machine codes to access the base level commands & functions of the machine. The  PlayStations built in libraries aren't the best however, & run a bit too slowly to be used in cutting edge game design, which is why developers like infogrames(V-Rally) & Psygnosis(Wipeout 2097, Formula 1) write their own libraries for each game they produce. Well, it seems that a lot of Yaroze owners want to do the same thing & many of them have spent their time working around the limitations that Sony placed on the Yaroze in the design of its programming software.

Here below are some pictures of some of the Yaroze games that have been made.


 Yaroze game Review
All the scores giving are out of TEN Click the link below for each review of the following Yaroze game.
Bouncer II
Terra Incognita

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