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St. Patrick's Day Webring Homepage

Rules for Joining this Webring:
1. The site or page submitted must be dedicated to St.Patrick's Day.
2. Should be a Family-oriented site. Absolutely no adult material. Keep in mind children also use the rings.
3. The code for the ring will be placed on the page whose URL yousubmit.
(This is so that people who are surfing the ring don't have tosearch for it to continue.)
4. The graphic for this ring will be saved on your own site'sserver (Generally, this is accomplished by right-clicking on the graphic and saving it to your hard drive for upload to your site server).

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After you have added your site to the queue(by pressing the SUBMIT button), you will then receive an email which contains the url for the fragment for your page. Copy it,edit it and then paste it into your site'shtml code in an appropriate place, and ON THE PAGE whose URL yousubmitted. Make sure you save the ring graphic to your own serverby right clicking on it!

Click here to obtain the graphic and fragment code for your page. After it is inserted, please email me and I'll review the fragment then add youto the ring.

After you add the code, it should look likethis:

This St. Patrick's Day Webring
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St. Patrick's Day Webring Home.
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Important Information

Remember - submitting your site, does not automatically add youto the ring; only to the queue(holding area). Once the Ring Mistress reviewsyour site, then she will decide to add your siteto the ring. After you have been added, you should beable to travel the entire ring until you make it back to yourown page. Until you've been added, not all of your links for thering will work.

*IMPORTANT* If your site is not moved from the queue to theactual webring within 14 days after the date on which youapplied, it will automatically be deleted from the queue.

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