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Hi, well theres really nothing to say.  Have Fun.

The thoughts of an unborn child: 

Mommy keep me safe, 
Mommy keep me warm, 
Handle me with all your love, 
Mommy keep me from harm. 
I'm only six weeks old today, 
This birthday gift to me, 
A pair of bright blue eyes, 
That someday you will see. 
I've barely got ears, 
A little puppy nose, 
and at the end of my feet, 
Little things called toes. 
Looking forward to my life, 
toys, teddy bears, snails, 
and long fairy tales. 
Where are we going mommy, 
in a bath, on a bus ride or, 
perhaps far away. 
Where are we going 
being pushed at all force. 
How funny it feels 
passing through doors, 
people dressed in green, 
if they hurt you mommy 
just scream. 
What's happening mommy, 
I'm starting to cry, 
Mommy come quickly, 
they're making me die, 
Killing me quickly, 
Pulling me apart, 
everything inside of me 
even my heart, 
Bye mommy, good-bye 
But how I wanted to see 
the grass, the trees, 
hear a sweet song, 
feel a sweet breeze. 
Bye mommy 
I love You 
I really do 
I just wish 
you could love me too. 

Stop abortion today.  

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