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How'd you fin' this page, foo?

Well, this page is gonna be for my new punk rock band, SPEEDBUMP. Oh, don't mind Mr. T, he's my bouncer. But hey, keep checking back and maybe I'll have something worth looking at, instead of this pathetic waste of bandwidth.


Well, the show was cool. It was actually a party for two girls, Lisa (who I know) and this other girl Summer. Well, the show rocked. We were the only punk rock band there, in my opinion, anyways. We were so chaotic and terrible, that people actually loved it. Anyways, some chick from a Houston music zine wants to interview us. Badass, eh? Anyways, the show was awesome, and I think we'll practice some more. -Denny

Your butt has been sniffed times, but it wasn't me!

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