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A Bunny's Story

Hoppity was a happy young rabbit. He lived on the hill behind the barn.

He loved his home because it was in such a beautiful place. In the spring there were flowers.

He often peeked out of his hole to find carrots that were left by the children who lived on the farm.

He enjoyed them very much.

Sometimes he would go to the edge of the meadow and look across the road but he never tried to cross to the other side. Sometimes he would visit other rabbits who lived nearby.

He always had a good time when one of his friends came to visit.

Sometimes after he had been with his friends he would dream about running through the fields with them.

Bunny school was not one of his favorite things in life but he was very good at math - expecially multiplication!

One day when he climbed out of his hole, Hoppity smelled a different odor. He looked around and saw a pile of brightly colored eggs.

Just then the farm children came running over the hill yelling,"Hey look! The Easter Bunny! He's left us some eggs!"
Hoppity ran back to his hole and didn't come back out until the next day!

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This story is dedicated to Sarah and the original Hoppity!