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I am so very proud of all of my awards!


"What a cute page she has!"

Thanks Tammy for my first award!

CooL Hangout Award

"If you're not willing to risk the unusual.. you'll have to settle for the ordinary."

Thanks R"Chel for this award!

Pooh's Golden Hunny Award

"Congratulations on earning Pooh's Golden Hunny Award for having a high-quality site with no broken links or broken images. It takes a lot of work to maintain a great site."

Thanks Topher for this award.

Piglet's Award of Aloha

"Congratulations on earning Piglet's Award of Aloha for having a kid-safe, family-friendly, site related to the characters from the 100 Aker Woods."

Topher gave me this award, too!

"The page is so beautiful and Emily is quite a princess...she deserves the SUNBEAR Beary Award."

Thanks Sunbear!

"Emily, you are a beautiful younglady."

Thanks Carole!

"She more than deserves our award."

Thanks for the award, friends.

Thanks Danielle for my first Barbie award!

"You are more than welcome to have it for you're great homepage."

Thanks Renata for the award!

Thanks for your award Patrice!

Sarah sent me the next five awards. She has the best Rugrats site!

"Keep up the brill work."

Thanks Sarah!

"We're wild about your website."

Thanks for the award Kelsey! I love your Barbie pages, too!

"You have a great site, My mommy let me look around on her lap. I think you should have my award."

Thanks so much Emilly for your wonderful award!

Thanks Grandma! You have a fun site.

"Congrats and enjoy your website and your new award ;o)"

Thanks, Kathleen for this wonderful award!

"Keep up the good work!"

Thanks for this award, Georgina!

This award is for reading and not for my web pages but it is given by a very special lady of the web.

"That's a lot of books to read. I LOVE to read and I am so pleased you love to read too, Emily. Keep reading those great books! CONGRATS!! I am honored to send you my Suzy Zoo Reading Award."

Thanks Grandma George! She gavve me the award after learning I read 702 books in first grade this year.

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