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Robbie's Second Page of Awards

These beautiful awards are tributes to my wonderful son, Robbie who's life continues to make a difference in this world. Many are given by those who have also "held angels in their arms."

"Your site was great and I'm honored to award you with my award of love....for your site truly depicts a form of love."

Thanks so much Rocky & Rosie.

Angltouch presented the next three awards for Robbie's site. Thank you for expressing what so many of us are feeling with your awards!

"You have done a wonderful job in your site, keeping Robbie memory alive through these pages."

"Your story is truly a beautiful one. Soon you will meet again in heaven, and hold your angel in your arms."

"Please accept this award in behalf of my angel Jessica to your angel Robbie."

"Your webpage in memory of Robbie is beautiful!"

Thanks Mary for this award in memory of your sister.

Mary also presented Robbie's site with this award in memory of her son.

"Pleased to Award you."

Thanks Howard!

"I was very touched by your pages."

Thanks so Very much Rhonda!

Rhonda also awarded Robbie's site with this beautiful award.

"I am sending you all of my awards as I feel that your site definitely deserves them."

"I Am HAPPY to Present you with My ~"AngelWildX's Love Award"~ I Give My Award To The Sites That Show Divine Love, Inspiration And Spirit ."

Thank you Peggy, for the beautiful award.

"We found your site to be beautiful as well as loving."

Thank you for this special award Beckie!

Beckie also awarded Robbie's site this very special award.

"Please accept this award on behalf of us at Climbing Jacob's Ladder for a great website."

Thank you for this honor!

Thanks Delynn for this honor.

Thank you Nancy for this beautiful gift.

Page 3 of Robbie's Awards and Gifts!


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Emily's page:

The little sister born a year after Robbie's death.

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