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The Club


Rotaract Club Belvedere Gardens, Calcutta
Vidyasagar Sethu The Rotaract Club of Belvedere Gardens has been founded by us, a group of young and forward thinking adults, to help ourselves, our friends and anybody else whom we can.

Writer's Building We take pride in our work. Though this club is new, and there are many milestones for us to cover, it is the willing attitude of the fellow members which propels us forward, and gives us courage to carry on our work.

Victoria Memorial by night State High Court This web site was our first project, and like any new club, our minds are full of ideas just waiting to take shape in reality. With your good wishes and help, we want to be an exemplary Rotaract, which any community can be proud of. Please mail us, if you think you can help us in any way.

Hey, even if you can't.. do mail us, we would love to hear from you and add you to our increasing list of friends!

Rotaract Club of Belvedere Gardens,

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