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Do you have an opinion about a character?. Here you can talk about the main part of the show: The Rugrats and their parents.


1.Rick Thum II said:

I believe Chuckie is the best Rugrat of all. (I dare anyone to disagree with me). He is the perpetually "careful" baby. I was probably a lot like him asa youngin' (In fact I kinda am still like him, except of course for that wildred hair. I have wild brown hair, oh and no purple glasses) Other than thatthough me and him have a lot in common. How about everybody else? I know there are some people out there who like Angelica, though the only feeling Ican muster for Angelica is pity because she's actually very jealous of theother Rugrats.

Where is Charles Crandall Finister? AKA Chazz? I haven't found any dolls,figures or anything with him. I want Chazz. He's my favorite adult,(followed closely by Stu the inventor). Why don't we see more stuff with himon it. He's shoen in the series quite a bit.

2. Zman916 just needs a line for a opinion:
I think Phil and Lil are the bomb. They're the best and funniest.

3. Amira Espana has a favorite Rugrat too:

I think that Tommy is the best rugrat.He is brave and he likes adventures.He likes to explore a lot. Who ever votes against that has to see Tommy in action.

4. This is from Manalo:

My favorite people are LiL and Phil. Although they differ from me,(because I don't eat worms) They are very cool. If you agree with me,GREAT!! But I do think Chuckie and Tommy are awesome too. To everyone who is reading this,if you haven't already,go and see the movie. See Ya!

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The Rugrats.
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