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Here, you can post your reviews and opinions about the Rugrats Movie.


I haven't seen the movie (It'll arrive finally on March 26!!), but until then you can make this page grow.
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For info about the movie, you can go here:

* The Rugrats Movie (Official).

* The Unofficial Rugrats Online (good source of info about the movie, which I haven't read becuase it's a spoiler for me).

1. Casey Gilbert has an opinion about the movie:
The Rugrats are trying to take Dil (Tommy's new baby brother) back to the hospital.Why? He's not like the rest of the bunch. He's loud, selfly (totally,at first), and and attention stealer. They use reptar wagon, one of Stu's inventions. As always, it has a few kinks, but is prepared really well. Youmight wonder how Angelica is involved.Dil took her Cynthia doll on the ride. She and Spike trailed the babies toget the doll back. The end is good; the families reunite while the peskyreporter, Rex Pester gets thrown out of shape by the monkeys. There is abonus scene after the end credits. Grandpa sleeps through the whole movie.As usual, he's fallen asleep- in the reptar wagon. A goat that Boris gaveDidi for the baby shower pushed reptar wagon with Granpa inside down the road. He chases after Grandpa, knowing that wasn't right. So it's his turnfor an adventure.

Here are some pics from the movie:

Tommy doesn't know what he has gone into...

Oh!, How Cute!.

Do you want to know, what happens next?.
Well, go and see the movie and then you tell me what happened, 'cause I haven´t seen it, also your reviews are welcome!!!

The babies decided to take tihs little guy back to the hospital


And they were talking serious!

But soon they got in trouble...

... More trouble

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