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Hang Onto Your Diapies! Welcome to the Unofficial Rugrats Fan Page

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Hold On! Something on This Page Looks New...

Welcome to the new and improved "Hang Onto Your Diapies!" (note the name change.) There are many more features and surprises that only Rugrats fans would favor, such as Rugrats games, downloadables, and sounds from the show! So take your pick and enjoy the new site, but don't forget to sign the guestbook!

News 'n Notes

*Welcome! The website is almost completely new, with more updates, more features, and a cool new index page look! If you've been here before and can't find what you're looking for, don't panic. The schedule has been moved to its own page, and so have the links to other pages and such. So enjoy this cool new look, 'cause it's gonna be here awhile!
*"THE RUGRATS MOVIE" ON VIDEO NOW! Now, one of the best movies of 1998 is yours to own! Add it to your video collection while supplies are still available! Each tape includes the 82-minute film, as well as a bonus CatDog short called "Winslow Doc" (not "Fetch!", the short shown before the movie in theatres). The suggested retail price is $26.99, but many stores may sell it for less.
*As you all know, "Rugrats" is in a new season. Here's a list of all of the episodes that you can expect to see. Remember, if you count the 3 specials, the episode numbers will be 3 episodes more, e.g. #92 would be #95. I don't count the specials as episodes, so mine are listed differently. For the synopsis for each, click here.
  • 92.Chuckie's Duckling/A Dog's Life
  • 93.Chuckerfly/Angelica's Twin
  • 94.Raising Dil/No Naps
  • 95.Man of the House/A Whole New Stu
  • 96.Submarine/Chuckie's A Lefty
  • 97.Baking Dil/Hair!
  • 98.Zoo Story/I Do
  • 99.The Magic Baby/Dil, We Meet Again
  • 100.Hand Me Downs/Angelica's Ballet
  • 101.Opposites Attract/The Art Museum
  • 102.The Jungle/The Old Country
  • 103.Ghost Story/Chuckie's Complaint
  • 104.Chuckie's Bachelor Pad/Junior Prom
  • 105.Silent Angelica/Tie My Shoes
  • 106.What's Your Line?/Two By Two
  • 107.All's Well That Pretends Well/Big Babies
  • 108.Wrestling Grandpa/Chuckie Collects
  • 109.Pedal Pusher/Music
  • 110.Runaway Reptar (30 minutes)
*While visiting a few of my favorite Rugrats sites, I came across the Angelica Reigns Supreme site and noticed the author accused the site of "terrible use of graphics and very little content". While this might be true, it brings a point in mind. What do you think that the top ten best and worst Rugrats sites are? I'd like to know! Please Email the site (address is below) and I'll put down 20 sites, judged by your answers--the 10 best and 10 worst. I hope to expect quite a few Emails, so Rugrats fans will be able to recognize true talent in a web page. However, I'd like to those of you know, if your site ends up on the Top Ten Worst list, please do not take this too hard. If you put in fun activities, interesting facts, and maybe even a few catchy graphics and sounds, your site may be moved to the "best" list as time goes on. Just a quick reminder.
*Has anyone seen the first new episode? In my opinion, Dil certainly has heightened his vocabulary since the movie. In "Chuckie's Duckling" he said, "Tommy, come play," and in "A Dog's Life" he said "Nappy time". Hmmm. Anyway, the rest of the new episodes will be seen in Snick on Saturdays at its usual time. Hope everyone enjoyed the Baby Blast, which by the way, is Nick's last Rugrats marathon.
*You've still got a chance to see the Rugrats Movie! If you haven't yet, I suggest you do! It is the #1 motion picture film right now, raking it at least $28 million dollars on its first day! Imagine how much it'll rake in in 6 months!! Wow! The movie is rated "G", although it contains some urination scenes and a nude scene with Tommy. Tara Charendoff voices newborn baby Dil, and Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Curry, and Busta Rhymes present voices as well. Plus, as an added bonus, CatDog make their big screen debut in a short before the movie, called "Fetch!"
*If you're making plans ahead to the see the Rugrats Movie sequel, good for you! So far as we know, to get the feel of the plotline, "think Chuckie" and picture the Rugrats in a faraway country. See you in the summer of 2000 for the sequel!
*Klasky-Csupo has announced that 2 new animated shows for Nickelodeon will air in 2000. They are Rocket Beach and The Carmichaels. The latter show has a title you may recognize. Yes, it's true! Susie and her family are moving away into a new town, experiencing newer and greater challenges about family and friendship. Sure, we'll miss Susie, but don't worry! An episode guide to The Carmichaels will be added to the site here once it airs on Nick!
*The new Rugrats video game is now available! Each level is based on episodes, such as "Chuckie's Glasses", "Ice Cream Mountain", "Let There Be Light", "Toy Palace", and others! Check it out for Sony Playstation today! For more info, a link to Sony Playstation's Rugrats video game site is in the Links Area.


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