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Well, my net connection got munged up a few months ago, but now I'm back online with FoxValley.Net, so you should see some fresh caffeine--er, uh, blood-- here. I am on my way to becoming a Jolt Cola distributor! YES!! So sit back, the cruft is coming down and new stuff is going up!
Also, I'm putting up a Final Fantasy VII page.. check it out!
Hey everybody! This page is dedicated to Phantasy Star (Especially PS1 & PS4)! Also, check out my ROMs page. It's got PS 1 & 4 ROMs, with 2 & 3 coming soon. I FINALLY got a working ROM image of PSIV, so check out the new pics! BTW, In case you want to e-mail me, my addy is barry@bravodesign.com. If you see something here that you want taken down ('cuz you made it), mail me! If you want to czech out my computer-related site, it's at http://barry11.home.ml.org/. My emulation page (complete with PS1 & PS4 ROMs, PS3 coming soon) is at http://romorama.home.ml.org/. Just tell 'em Rune sent 'ya! Let me know how you like the new Wreckage background!

The PS Pages are back online! Check 'em out!
PSIV map of the Aiedo-Kadary passage
Visit the new Picture Gallery
Page me on ICQ- if I'm online, the msg'll show up right on my screen. It's cool.
Here's version 1 of my Text to html conversion utility- Txt2html.exe. It's only 7kb. If youy want the source (Turbo Pascal), email me.
I am in the middle of writing a DOS painting program. If anyone wants the source(BASIC), mail me.
The game of Life- by Moi!
Legal stuff
Clean them carts- fast and cheaply
The Phantasy Star 4 ROM for Genecyst! GET IT NOW! hehehe, but delete it in 24 hours if you don't own the cart...if you don't, people will come to your house and bash your kneecaps in! Be warned!
The Phantasy Star ROM for Massage! The first and possibly best in the series. Download it, but the same warning as above applies! Tonya Harding-style! Ouch!


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