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Snow Globe Fun For All

I Made These Globes And Bases Myself Using Plain Backgrounds and Resizing Them At Image Magick.

I Have Pre-Made Globes With Bases Already Added. You can Take Them To Image Magick And Add Your Own Center Image And Snow. Http://

Feel Free To Use Any Or All, but Just PLEASE Transload Them To Your Own Site.

If You See Any Broken Links~ Email Me At

I hope You Like And Enjoy Them!
Updated 6/26/2000

I Have Added A Page Two. It Is A List Of Links For Info On Snow Globes Made With Webtv. Also Listed On This Page Will Be Links To Sites With Snow Globes Already Made For Your Enjoyment. Please Remember To Transload To Your Own Server,Any Of The Images That You Use.

I Would Like To Thank Heather For All Her Time,She Took Helping Everyone With Making The SnowGlobes, But Without Her,None Of This Would Be Possible!

I Want To Thank WoodnLady For Her Input On A few Mistakes I Made While Making This Page,And For Her Suggestions. Thanks WoodnLady.
I also Want To Thank My Friend Lisa,AKA cdazzle,For Her Help And Being There In The Wee Hours Giving Me Encouragement, Advice. Thanks Lisa.Lisa Has Also worked Long And Hard To Make A Site Of SnowGlobe Bases.
Lastly,But Not Least, I Want To Thank All Those Who Allowed Me To Add Their Links To This Page,With All The Valuable Info Concerning The Snow Globes.
~ ~ A GREAT BIG THANK_YOU TO EVERYONE ~ ~ HEATHER Has Been Kind Enough To Bestow Her Award On Me,For This Site. Thank_You Heather~I Am Honored To Receive This Award!!!

My Snazzy Links Of Globe Bases

globe base
globe base 2
globe base3
globe base4
globe base 5
globe base 6
globe base 7
globe base 8
globe base 9
globe base 10
globe base 11
globe base 12
globe base 13
globe base 14
globe base 15
globe base 16

My Snow Globe Info Links

WoodnLady's SnowGlobe Site
Pre-Made SnowGlobes For Your Enjoyment
Snow Globe Tutorial
How To Make Snow Globes Using WebTv
Image Magick
The Place To Go To Make Snowglobes
Graphic Excitement
Pre-Made Bases And Graphics
Sea Of Gifs
Lisa's Snow Globe Bases
Great Snow globe Bases
Brave_n_CrazyS Tools
Scrap Book Tutorial To Save & Get ScrapBook URL
Sea Of Gifs Snow Globe Tips
Great Site With Good Snow Globe Tips And Tricks
friend 4 free circle backs
great circle backs
Graphic Excitement
Pre-Made Oval Eggs
LEE'S Globes
Great Globes and More