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Welcome To Sailor Moon Award Central

Well you may have notice we are not 2004 anymore. (as I blush) And that means a new logo and updates are well over due here. I am on it! The next logo is going to be a mix between a hand drawn and computer generated image I am working on. Expect updates on The AMV contest, The Comic Zone, Banner Contest with some changes, and much more. Sorry I have fallen behind but that is life for ya! I got great new ideas and more time to share them with you so Please check back soon for the new look! :-) Jane!

Welcome to Sailor Moon Award Central!! I am Mina! Do you have a web page that you think deserves an award?? Well if you do you have come to the right place! I love to look at sites about Sailor Moon, and if you think your page is pretty good then I would like to see it. So if you think you got what it takes continue to explore this page to see what you can win! And for the record Thoes stupid Adds at the top of my page, profiting from the hard work of someone else, are now a forced requirement of Tripod members who wish to now keep there once free service! I dissaprove and appologise to you the viewers for this annoying intrusion on my site. I do not support anything which is being advertised there, so please do as you please but know that this is something which I dissaprove of. And the fact that they just appeared one day without even telling me realy ticks me off! Sorry about that! Enjoy yours stay anyways!

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Greetings felow Sailor Moon Fans! Vanessa Here!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well better late than never! I admit I have been neglecting my webpage slightly! I have recieved several applicants and please be aware I am looking at your pages I am just getting a little behind in the awarding process because of School. I am in University now and unfortunately the work load for a History Major is alot! This weekend was the only time I had to make a new logo and update. I checked my guestbook thank you so much you are all very kind! Just a note on that I can't remember my password for that guest book so please don't post private messages I can't read them! I am planning on getting another guestbook for which I know the password soon.

I have been busy however and this website is about to get a face lift. I have fallen in love with other animes and you will find them poping up in one way shape or form somewhere on this website. I am also going to be launching my Brand new studio: Angelic Studios. At Angelic Studios main site you will be able to view music video info for the music videos I created. Look for it comeing soon! I also have a review of a web site for the winners page and the SM Rumble will be realy starting soon. My Sakura star will also be getting a face lift and you may find some of my older awards disapear to make room for new and improved ones that are independent from Nicole and Vanessa's Moon Kingdom, seeing as how it is prety much a monument now! I will also be opening a trading center and a few other little surprises! So over the next month or so check back to see what is new. And if you come across a smaller version of the logo in your web guestbook you will know that I have been to visit and am writing a review of your site. You will also recieve an email advising you when it will be ready. So lets start this year off right shall we! Now get out there and surf!


* Special Note*

The Banner Contest is NOW CLOSED and the winner was contacted. But it will opened again but for a different section of my webpage this time.I will be updating the banner contest page soon so check back there a little later. Thanks so much to all who participated your banners were all lovely and it was a tough decision!

And I now have MUSIC again!

Last Updated January 25th 2004

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Sakura Star is under renovations but feel free to stop by! Also Feel free to visit the other pages I have finaly put up! More to come to! I have been a bussy beaver during my vacation!

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