The Epic of the Light

The Epic of the Light is the story of a magical world, full of adventure. It focuses on a young man who is so unsure of himself, and has just had to deal with the dead of not only his father but with the burdens of being king. The only point of light in his life is a girl named Robyn. He is deeply in love with her. He is her audience. Only love matters to him.
But destiny calls to him. The Prophecy of the Childeren sings out to him from across the anals of time. He can not escape his destiny.

Here's the very fist part of the story. It is a genisis if you will. This is how all of this comes to pass....


The Birth

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
This is what the ancients were commended for." -Hebrews 11:1

Once upon a fairy tale, in a world forged of pure imagination, time slept. Then it began. Time silently stood still and was allowed to flow once more. The dawning of a new age was born. Thirteen, without need for clothes, walked the barren world of Zandarous. The world was a lonely place, fearful of the winds howling wrath. Dust rained in the sky in sheets, and nothingness was king.

Thirteen walked the world, never staying in one place for long. The Creator looked down upon them from his throne in the heavens, and was pleased with them. Their leader, who was rumored among the other twelve to be from another time, was named Zandor. Zandor was indeed a most powerful Martyr, the ultimate form of Emmortal, for he could use Fabric, the force that bound the universe together.

Zandor hated the lone nothingness that was Zandarous, often wishing to change it into a more beautiful place. One day, Zandor was standing alone atop a gloomy hill. The other twelve were apart from him.

'Hmmm,' Zandor thought as he rubbed his chin with his left hand, 'what a dreary place this Zandarous is! All that there is, is just dust dancing around as far as the eye can see.... why, I can't even see the sky, or the three suns. But most of all there is no Color in this world. Zandarous needs Color. Indeed what is a world without Color or the laughter of a child? What is a world without dreams or imagination...? What a travesty of justice.'

The wind began to howl as if to tease Zandor. It blew his cloak around his head, and Zandor quickly thrust it aside.

"Accursed wind, cursed even more that deed which has done this. What mockery of fate!" Zandor straightened and looked around, he saw the youngest of the twelve Emmortals. She was walking towards him. Her name was Amber. Zandor looked at this young immortal girl through his old tired eyes. His gnarled, frail, looking body swayed slightly with the wind. His long white beard, and mustaches, which ended at his waist, seemed to dance in the wind.

"What, child, are you doing so far from the group?" Zandor asked Amber in a grandfatherly voice.

"I saw you leave, and thought you were off to do some more... Magic," she hesitated on that last word. "I love your Magic, Master Zandor. May I stay and watch you?"

Her sweet, innocent smile brought a sparkle to his eyes. He at once smiled and ran a finger along her chin as a grandfather would do. "Of course you can my dear," he replied, thrusting his hands into the air, and twisting full circle on one foot. His beard and mustaches flowed around him with the wind. Then in a sudden, stern, and cold voice he gruffed. "Today you will lay witness to magic greater than I have ever attempted before. Today you will witness the triumph of the Colors!"

Zandor traced circles in the air with his hands. He felt the Magic tingling inside him like the battering of flutterbys wings, building up until it almost exploded. Sparkles of all colors started raining from his hands. Amber looked on in amazement and in awe as Zandor spun, thrusting out his hands at different intervals. With great effort he spoke the incantation with authority:

"Colors, colors throughout the lands,
Come forth with power through my hands.
Come powers one, come powers all,
Cause this dreary worlds plight to fall.

One color, the majestic Red,
Orange, the other by reds side so true,
Only you two, I say, slay dread!
Ominously take the dust Blue!"

Level the dark nothingness, Green!
Lock the cold down, Yellow, with glee
. Listen! Blue and Black, bring to me,
Lord barren's carcass that does scream!

Order Brown, and Silver, now Gold,
Overpower sadness today!
Obliterate the sorrow, Gray!
Oblate anger Purple so bold!

Repeat, and repel our forces,
Ride and slay as if on horses!
Repent world for your vile courses,
Replete with black remorsefulness!"

And immediately when this incantation was done, the colors that Zandor commanded, rushed forth killing all of the dreariness that encompassed the planet. At the end of the day the colors from Zandor's spell were victorious. The world was now with color.

The Creator saw this and was pleased. Once again did he have faith in those living on Zandarous. Zandor had cleaned up, and tamed this strange new world. But most of all, he brought color, and with it a new life.

Zandor grew in his power, and wisdom. Millennia rolled by, and the twelve Emmortals began to question Zandor of their origins. The Emmortals knew not from whence they came. They just remembered being there on the planet. Zandor pondered this question for many centuries, but, in all his searching he could not find an answer. So, eventually, he lost hope and gave up searching for the answer.

With his wisdom, Zandor's power grew to hieghts imcomprehendable. To say that he was an extremely powerful Martyr now, would be a gross understatement. He discovered how to use the power of the Colors. He found that each color had control over a 'Fabric Power'. A Fabric Power is that of the Elementals, the Selementals, Dreams, Reality, Time, Imagination, Light, Magic, Life, Celestials, Eternity, or Spirit

Magic was not his only love. No, he loved the Emmortals as his own childeren. He was caretaker of all twelve. He wanted to honor the Emmortals, to show them how much they meant to him. So, one day, he decided to fashion treasures that would be able to control each fabric power individually. He spent tweleve centuries forging them.

Finally, the day came for the linking of each color to each treasure. He stood at the center of a secret Nothingness. He placed his hands upon his hips and sighed. The treasures lay before him ready to be forever linked with the colors that would rule them for infinity. He raised his left hand and the treasures began to lazily circle around him. The circle stopped with a cube floating infront of him. Sweat beaded upon his brow. Nervously he cast the Spells that would bring life to these treasures... treasures of Color...

"Oh, ye power of Reality you are head,
Master of all other treasures your color, red
Treasure center forged of all fabric, I dub thee
Master, and Lord Changing Cube of Reality."

The cube that had stopped in front of Zandor breathed life for the first time. It shimmered red. The Reality Changing Cube seemed to sing with raw power. The circle spun again, then stopped with a sword now floating infront of Zandor. Zandor reached out his hand as he spoke the incantation.

"Oh, ye power of the Light, shine forth without word,
Cutting brilliance, you were destined to be a sword
White Light controller of the Falcon's destiny
Bring him forth, Sword of Lore, in his true majesty. "

The Sword of Lore shimmered with a bright, white light, breathing it's first breaths. Power raged through it. The circle began to move once more, then stopped with a staff now infront of Zandor. Immediately he casted the spell.

"Oh, ye power of Magic, you are most fragile.
You will be separated and still be one child.
Staff of Agdomond, purple will your color be.
You show great power; at the end? I can not see."

And immediatly the Staff of Agdomond breathed. A purple light erupted throughout the Staff of Agdomond. It began to shimmer and the circle continued once more. It stopped again this time with a pyramid floating infront of Zandor. Zandor's eyes sparkled as he uttered the incantation.

"Oh, ye power of Life, your color is deep blue.
The future of this world is in your hands 'tis true.
Pyramid of Life will be this treasures true name.
Many roles will you play in the maddening game."

The Pyramid of Life awoke and shimmered blue. It's pulsating rythm seemed to march. The circle, circled once again. It stopped with a crest facing Zandor. Zandor criscrossed his hands through the air as he casted the Spell.

" Oh, ye power of Celestials, you've endured
All that has been, your place among power, insured.
Crest of the Celestials, yellow, I see for you,
Life even after the other powers conclude."

The Crest of the Celestials shimmered yellow. This heraled the coming of it's birth. It pulsated with power. The circle seemed to march onward as if to war. It ceased, and in front of Zandor floated a flute. Zandor spun casting the Spell.

"Oh, ye power of Dreams, weaver of all to be,
You have woven all in threads of silver, sandy,
Glitter, in our minds the awesome gift of foresight.
Majestically flowing, Flute of Dreams, flute of might."

The flute lit up with silver shimmers. Seemingly it billowed out an arcaic tune. The circle flowed once more, then halted. Now a diamond stood, floating infront of Zandor. Zandor thrusted his hands forward and spoke the incantation.

"Oh, ye power of Eternity, color black,
Eternity Diamond, above any attack.
Most mysterious of all powers, I fear you
The most, for you will outlast even me 'tis true."

The diamond lit up with a rain of black shimmering. Zandor thought he could hear rumblings coming from it. The thought was gone as soon as the circle began to circle once more. It stopped once again and a lifeless key floated in front of him. With one hand in the air he casted the spell.

"Oh, ye power of Spirit, a life force for all,
Sister to Life, bring forth together creatures call.
Color brown, twist to and fro, unlock your flower,
Key forged of heaven, bring forth creatures, of power."

The Spirit Key arose to life, greeting it with brown shimmerings. It glowed akwardly, then shown as bright as any of the others, save the ones not brought to life yet. The circle continued, then stopped once more. A sphere floated infront of him awaiting birthing. Zandor stood still as he whispered the incantation.

"Oh, ye power of Elementals, earth, fire, air,
And water; Sphere, wild, and, without want or care.
Color of orange, future creatures will find you first,
To abuse you, for cause of power, they will thirst."

Orange infused the Shere of the Elementals. It shimmered orange. The glitter floated in the air with the other colors. The circle surged forward, and stopped. Another crest floated before Zandor. He frowned as he casted the spell.

"Oh, ye power of Selementals, falsity,
Buoyancy, levitation, electricity,
And finally gravity, one crest of gray.
You were fiendishly there at cataclysms day."

Grey shimmers seemed to wiggle into the air with the other shimmers. They all danced and froliced. The circle began to move again. It halted, revealing a dagger that floated in front of Zandor. He stuck out his cest and lurched forward speaking the incantaiton.

"Oh, ye power of Time, you cut like a dagger,
You make even immortals such as I stagger.
Conqueror and slayer of all, color of green.
What is your purpose? To me, it remains unseen."

Green shimmers joined in the air with the others as the Dagger of Time arose from the sleep of nonexistance. The circle, almost complete now, lurched forward. This time when it stopped a plume hung in the air. Zandor bowed humbly and then raised his head and spoke.

"Oh, ye power of Imagination, master
Of much, you intrigue even me, a spell caster.
Plume, overlord, true caretaker you are so bold,
'tis no wonder that your color is to be gold."

The gold shimmers floated to take thier place among the other colors of shimmers. The power of the shimmings engulfed all in it's path. The sky opened and made way for the colors that flooded the world that day. Power incarnate bathed the world in a snugness. The land quaked silently as the link between treasure and color took hold. The colors were triumphant. The dust that had been in the air was gone, revealing a beautiful blue sky. The world was featureless like a smooth ball with a few hills and mountains sparsely dotting the landscape. The wind was no more. The three suns bathed the world in a snug warm light. Zandor looked about in amasement and awe. A tear appeared in his eyes. He looked back down about the treasures that hung suspended in the air.

"Ahh, what awesome treasures I have made!" shouted Zandor, with great zeal. The treasures now shook violently with their new found colors. "You treasures of might should have a great name to go along with your beauty. So I dub you all The Twelve Treasures of Shimmering Colors. Indeed," remarked Zandor, as he admired each of the treasures as they now danced about him. "I have accomplished a great feat in creating these treasures but..." he paused, and then sighed, "there must be more. I lust for the perfect magic. Some day I will find it and when I do, I will be truly happy."

Zandor plucked the treasures from the air. He then walked down the mountain. At the bottom he was met by the twelve Emmortals. Derick was the first to meet him.

"Master Zandor," he puffed out of breath sweat beaded upon his brow. "We came as soon as we saw the strange lights engulfing everything."

"We would have been here sooner," Greebeck put in. His voice was heavy and stren. "But we were quite a ways from here."

"Yes, do you know what all of that comotion was?" Dawn asked.

"It was Zandors Magic," Amber huffed as she pushed her way to the front of the group. Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw Zandor. "It had to be right?" she asked shaking her head with enthusiasm.

"Yes my dear," Zandor answered. Then looking at the others he began to explain. "The Magic I have been working on all of these centuries is complete. It all lies in my arms in these treasures I have created. This is the whole of my lifes work. Finally I have completed them. I love you all and I wish bestow to each of you a treasure."

"Master Zandor," Eldarack whispered, sparkles filling his eyes as he beheld the treasures. "We all know that you love us. We love you too. You did not have to do this!"

"I know," Zandor smiled his grandfatherly smile. "I wanted to do this for you. You all are very speacial to me. I'd not have a reason to live if I didn't have you all here."

"But Zandor," Ora broke in. "You do so much for us already." The others shook thier heads in agreement. "You take care of us, teach us, and love us. We would be nothing without you! You see that all of our needs are met!"

"And now you honor us?" Astrail put in.

"I honor you to show you my love." Zandor replied as he smiled and gazed upon them all.

"Tell us then, Master Zandor, how can we honor you to show you our love?" Sheekra asked. Zandor laughed with great pride. "You already have my dear!"

He walked up to Derick first. "It is to you that I give the Flute of Dreams, Derick." He handed Derick the Flute of dreams. And Derick took it.

"I can feel it's power!" Derick wailed as it shook in his hands. The flute shone with silver shimmering's. They drownded the Emmortal Derick, and began to shape his form. His upper torso shaped into that of a huge muscular tanned man. His lower body shaped into that of a huge silver catepillar. His hair grew long and silver, and his eyes turned a deep blue. His body surged with power as the Color of silver and the power of dreams were linked to him.

Zandor rubbed his chin in amasement. "Amazeing," He uttered. "I guess, a spinner of dreams! Fascinating." And to Derick, "You now are in charge of Dreams. You now have a great responsibility."

"Thank you master Zandor," Derick said with pride as he examined the flute.

Next Zandor approached Ora who looked on in amazement and anticipation. He faced her and then proceeded to say, "You will be in charge of the keeper of the Light, the Sword of Lore." He handed her the Sword of Lore. White shimmers engulfed her and shaped her form. She sprouted white wings of a magnificant falcon. The rest of her body was that of a beautiful woman. Her eyes turned hauntingly white. Her angelic face seemed to light up her light pink skin. Her long flowing hair turned white and grew lovely daisies all throughout. She fingered one of the daisies and whispered in awe. "How pretty! Have you ever seen anything like these before Zandor?"

"Hmm," was his reply. "Ineresting, wings of a falcon."

He smiled a knowing smile, and moved on. He stopped before Ellia. "To you I give charge over the power of Life." She gasped in amasement as he handed her Pyramid of Life. It lit up her face as it shook in her hands. The blue shimmerings blocked her out of sight. They molded her form into that of a flutterby with legs and arms. The flutterby wings were all sorts of colors and had an intricate pattern. Her hair turned blue as did her eyes. "Thank you Master Zandor," She cried as she hugged Zandor. "I will honor you by using my power with the upmost wisdom and resonsibility."

"I know you will my dear," Zandor soothed her running a withered finger across her cheek. He then turned to Eldrack. "You my son will be in charge of Spirit for I see much of it in you already."

"Thank you Master Zandor," Eldrack broke in. "I can not wait to honor you with my actions in the use of my power. You will not be dissapointed." Zandor laughed and then handed Eldrack the Spirit Key. Brown shimmers ignited in his hands racing over his body. The simmering shaped him into a Unipegasitaur. His lower body was now that of a winged horse. His upper torso was that of a muscular man with the head of a unicorn. On his chin grew a long dark brown goatee. His mane looked like long flowing brown hair on him. He bowed his head toward Zandor. And Zandor, eyes afire, moved on to the next.

He began speaking even before he reached Greebeck. "You my friend, the loner of the bunch will be in charge of Eternity. You amoung all the others have the greatest wisdom, and are the greatest thinker." Zandor chuckled, "You almost rival me!"

While the others were nodding in agreement, Greebeck replied, holding up a hand. "Surely you flatter me Master Zandor. I will honor your trust in me and will not fail you. I will take this power you give me seriously. Thank you."

"I know you will Greebeck." Zandor answered and then added. "This power is one of the most dangerous." Greebeck nodded as Zandor handed Greebeck the Eternity Diamond. Greebeck took it and it swollowed him in black shimmering. It shaped him into a cloaked vampiric form. His hair was jet black as were his eyes. He swept his cloak back and bowed in a dramatic fasion. Zandor stepped past him to face Abarus.

Abarus bowed and then straightened. "To you," Zandor paused getting the Sphere of the Elements then continued. "I give charge over the power of the elements. Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. Don't underestimate the power of these."

"Yes, Master Zandor," Ararus aswered quickly. "I honor your gift, though I know that I do not deserve this. I will use my power with great responsibility. You are indeed wise and powerful. I only hope that I might learn from your wisdom."

"You already have my son," Zandor replied with a smile. He handed Abarus the Sphere of the Elements and it shook violently. Orange shimmering swept across him. It changed his form into a Chameridon. A Chameridon has the body of a huge tiger and the wings of a bat. It also has four heads. One head is that of a dragon, the second head is that of a worm, the third is that of a hawk, and the final head is that of a sea spider. His dragon head was made of fire, his worm head was made of earth, the hawk head was made of wind, and the sea spider was made of water. Arbarus spoke, "I thank you for your gift, Master Zandor. I love it as I do you." Power coursed through Abarus's body. Zandor looked on in amasement, smiled crazily and continued. He made his way to Candar.

He sighed and then spoke. "Candar, my son, it is to you that I entrust the power of the Selements. Watch these my son. These can also be as dangerous as Eternity. Fear their powers. I have seen them at work. I don't wish to get into that now though."

"I will," Candar replied. "If you fear them, then I will fear them that much more. I love and respect you Master Zandor. I will work very hard not to abuse these powers." Zandor started to see slight dangers in having had handed out this much power, but he loved and trusted these individuals. 'Everything would be okay.' he thought, then the thought left him. He handed Candar the Crest of the Selementals. It began to shimmer. The gray shimmering swirled about Candar, bathing him in a luster. The shimmering shaped his body to and fro. It shaped his lower body into a six legged spider, and his upper torso to that of a cyclopse. His hair was short and gray as were his eyes. Zandor's eyes twinkled with enjoyment at Candars laughter. "Thank you Master Zandor. I love your gift, as do I love you."

Zandor now made his way over to Dawn. He stood to face her fumbling with a cube in his hands. "You my dear, shall have control over all of Reality. With this cube you will be power incarnate. Nothing will ever harm you. I fear that you will become almost as powerful as I."

"I will promise to wield this power with much caution and wisdom, Master Zandor," she answered in shock. "I beg of you teach me to wield this power with as much wisdom as you have. I know that power currupts. I wish to honor you."

"I will teach each of you to use these powers. I have much faith in you my dear. I know that I can entrust this power into your hands." Zandor replied. His wrinkled hands placed the Reality Changing Cube into her hands. Power seised her. Red shimmering exploded about her. The shimmering molded her into a misty elvish elder-like woman with antlers set amoung her now firey red hair Moss grew about her antlers. She was beauty. Her face glowed with a mystical aroua. "I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious gift, Master Zandor. I know that I am not worthy of this power."

"That is were you are wrong my dear," Zandor replied with concern. Then to the others he said, "You all are worthy of these gifts. I know this to be true or I would never have given them to you. I love you all." Then back to Dawn, "you are all very precious to me." Dawn hugged Zandor and he brushed her red hair from her face. They both smiled. Zandor lingered for a moment and then moved on.

Next he came to Sheekra. He smiled his grandfatherly smile and took her left hand in his. "It is to you, my dear, that I entrust the power of Time." With his other hand he placed the Dagger of Time in her hand. "Time is an enemy to even we Emmortals. Even when we are gone, it will still live. Be very careful with this power. Many have underestimated it."

Her eyes widened with awe as green shimmering started to work it's way all over her. The shimmering flowed all about her, transforming all in it's path. From the waist down it made her the likeness of a deer. From the waist up it made her into the likeness of a woman. Little antlers sprung up on top of her head.

"Master Zandor," She sniffed back a tear. "I am so happy that you would bestow upon me the power of Time. It is an honor that I will carry with me for the rest of my days. I will make you proud of me by showing you my wisdom as I use this power."

"I know you will, my dear," Zandor whispered. "I know you all will." His eyes flickered for an instant, then he moved on.

He placed himself in front of Astrail. "My dear, boy," Zandor spoke softly. "It is to you that I give power over that which has almost out lived even me. The Celestials." He handed Astrail the Crest of the Celestials. Astrail reached for it and it shone with Yellow shimmering.

The shimmering bathed him in its luster. It kept him as a man. All that changed was that now he had an eyeball for a head. His body had grown twice it's size. His face was now on his chest.

"Master Zandor," he solemly spoke. "I will try to show wisdom as the others will. I will not fail you. I know you must have had a hard time coming to this descision to entrust us with this power. I will show my love to you by not abusing this power. I can not promise to have wisdom as you do, but I will try my best. Even till death it's self."

"Very well said," Zandor said. He rubbed his chin, then said, "You have greater wisdom that you think. I have entrusted this power into good hands I see."

Snapping out of thought, he made his way to Glisten shaking his head. He came to be in front of her. He smiled as she shifted uncomfortably. "What's the matter?" Zandor asked concerned.

"I only hope that I don't let you down with the power that you are giving me." She answered meekly.

"I know you won't," He conforted her. "If I had any doubts, do you think that I would giving you all these treasures?"

"I guess not," she replied.

Zandor put his arm around her. In a grandfatherly tone he said. "To you, my dear, I am entrusting the power of Imagination. This, power, I say is the most perplexing. It can be as weak as possible. On the other hand it can be the most powerful. It can dwarf the others if used right. In the wrong hands this power can cause great distruction."

"What wrong hands?" Candar asked.

"Worry not over this," Zandor replied. "Those hands are long buried."

"I will promise to use this power carefully," Glisten spoke up. "To honor you." Zandor smiled, then stepped back.

He handed her the Plume of Imagination. She reached out a nervous hand and grasped it. Gold shimmering engulfed her, transforming her into a beautiful fairy-like woman. Her wings glittered gold. Her beauty flowed in all directions. She bowed to Zandor and he bowed in return. As he walked past her he whisperd, "I have much faith in you child." She returned the compliment with a smile.

He waited to give Ambers hers last on purpose. She was hopping around, her girlish, child-like innocence did not betray that she was anxiously awaiting her treasure. Her long flowing red hair danced about her. Finally Zandor looked upon her and smiled. She stopped and folded her arms and squinted at him, patting her foot on the ground impatiently.

Zandor made as if he finally noticed her. He smiled and knelt on one knee. Amber jumped over to him. She threw her arm around Zandor and sat on his knee. He looked into her eyes and said, "My dear child, I created this purple Staff of Agdomond for you to have." Zandor chuckled.

"Oh Master Zandor, thank you!" replied Amber with great joy, as she grasped it in her hands. "I love it. It is so beautiful. Out of all the colors that you have brought to this world, purple is my favorite." Amber shifted the staff in her hands and immediately, it began to glow with immense lights of the different colors finally ending with purple. It lit up Zandor's and Amber's faces. Amber stood up holding the Staff of Agdomond in her left hand. Purple shimmering made as if to sweep Ambers vistage away. Then to Zandors amasement the shimmering stopped. The shimmering seemed to flow from her into the staff.

"It's not supposed to work that way!" Zandor gasped in sheer shock as he arose. "What is happening?"

"I'm channleing the shimmering through me," Amber replied non-chalantly. "It's easy I can change the flow of the shimmering. I'm sure if I try I can change the shimmering itself too."

"Don't!" Zandor spoke harshly. "What you are doing is evil."

"Is evil bad?" Amber asked.

"Yes," Zandor answered.

"Then I will not do that again," Amber stated as she shrugged her shoulders. She smiled and then looked down at the Staff of Agdomond. "What power does this treasure govern, Master Zandor?"

Zandor regained he composure. "Ah, you learn quickly," Zandor replied as he grinned cautiously, "it governs the power of Magic. Now you too can perform Magic as I do."

"Thank you, Master Zandor," Amber replied hugging Zandor. "I truly do love it, not because it governs Magic but because you were thinking of me when you made it. That means that you truly do love me."

Tears of joy started rolling down Amber's face. Since they had been on this world no one had ever given Amber anything like this.

"I do love you Amber, as do I love you all." Zandor replied, in a grandfatherly like tone as he hugged Amber and looked up at the other Emmortals.

Amber looked around at the world with awe. Turning to the others with tears in her eyes she said, "Can you feel it?" The others looked around and began to smile. "The Magic is everywhere... in everything!"

Zandor's breath was taken away, "Very good Amber, very good!"

* * *

Later that day Amber approached Zandor who was sitting in the shade of a hill. Amber bent over to peer at him. "Master Zandor?" she whispered carefully.

"Wha-?" Zandor grumbled looking up. "Oh, it's you child. What is the matter? Are the others alright?"

"Yes," she replied digging her toes into the ground as she hesitated. "I wanted to ask you a question."

"Of course my dear," Zandor said motioning for her to sit in the shade. "How may I help you?"

"I was wondering," Amber answered hesitantly. "It scared you what I was doing back there with the shimmering didn't it?"

Zandor layed back putting his hands behind his head. "Yes," was his only answer.

"Why?" she asked. "What was I doing wrong?"

"I don't know how you did that," Zandor said smoothly. Then with one eye shut, he eyed her. "You were forcing all there is to your will. For an instant you took control over all the other colors and bent them to your will. I can not do that. I thought it was impossible. In fact it never even occured to me to try it. Promise me that you will never do that again."

"I promise," Amber replied whole heartedly. "If evil is bad. Then I hate evil."

"You must not hate evil," Zandor explained, "but respect it. In anything you need both good and evil. The good things simply have more good in it. For life there must be an equal balance between the two in the world."

"Are there things that are just in between?" Amber asked.

"Neutrality is just a fantasy," Zandor laughed raising one hand and then the other while he continued. "Either there is good or evil. Were you find one, you almost always find the other. Neutrality is evils way of drawing away from the good."

"Are we good?" Amber asked.

Zandor raised his head and then answered a look of concern on his face, "Wheather you are good or bad must be a desicion that comes from your heart." He pointed to her heart "Search there for the answer."

For twelve hours Amber sat motionless. Then she raised her head. "I have searched my heart Master Zandor."

"And what did you find?" Zandor asked.

"I am good," She replied.

A big smile flashed across Zandors face. "Very good Amber! Very good!"

Amber smiled and then jumped into his arms.

"Master Zandor," she whispered as she lay her head on his chest, "How do we exist if there is no evil in the world."

Zandor lay back and sighed, "There is no life on Zandarous. We simply exist, I suppose." His eyes suddenly lit up.

From his throne room in heaven, the Creator looked upon this and thought, {I am pleased with this Zandor. In light of what I have just seen, I have decided to give Zandor what he wants so badly. I will bestow upon him the sight to find, the perfect magic.}

Zandor, the very next day, began his quest for the perfect Magic. Within a twelve weeks period his experiments had led him to find this perfect Magic. Zandor named it 'Shymmering' (colorless shimmering) a soon to be elven word, meaning love. Zandor kept the Magic in a huge sphere atop the highest mountain he could find. He named the mountain, Destiny. He continued to do experiments with Magic and marveled at his accomplishments. He grew more in wisdon and power.

One day, twelve years leter, during one of his experiments something went awry. Unbeknownst to Zarndor, in the protective shield there appeared the tiniest of cracks. The crack strained under the power of the perfect Magic. The sheild tried in vain to hold together. It readjusted itself and the sheild fixed itself. Suddenly, the sphere collapsed thus expelling the 'Shymmering'.

One moment all was as calm and still as could be.

Amber laughed and played in the valley, the other eleven were with her. They lay resting in the warm sunshine of the tree sun's. Suddenly Amber stopped playing and raised her head, for she could no longer feel the Magic in things. The other eleven looked up also.

The very next was like the violence of the most violent hurricane that ever existed. At once the power split into two forces; the power of Light and the power of Dark. The forces rended the air asunder sending Zandor flying up into the sky. He hit the ground twelve miles from the explosion. The crater that the explosion left in its wake would become known to the Emmortals as G-Bel.

"Zandor!" Amber screamed as she ran towards the mountain. Emmortals were not far behind, all were afright.

"Master Zandor! Master Zandor! Are you all right!?," Amber screamed, throwing herself down beside him. "Please be all right!" she sobbed in his chest. Some where in the back of her head, Amber could feel the Magic turn back on again, but now it had millions of times more power. It tasted of life.

"Yes, Amber, I am all right." Zandor replied, weakly. He sat up and coughed up some black smoke. He now had patches of black soot all over himself. "The old fool that I am... " he grumbled dusting himself off. He then looked up at Amber to comfort her. Suddenly something caught his eye. "Look!" he screamed as he pointed to the sky in fear, "the 'Shymmering' its coming back towards the ground! Let us flee!" They all could feel the power of the Colors, of the Magic raw and unbridled. The air sparked about them. All was electrical. The shymmering rushed back to the planet, as the biggest tidal wave would the helpless sea shore...

The Light and the Dark crushed the world with their might. They soaked all through Zandorous. For a moments there was no sound. "What was that?" asked Derick. Then there came a rumbling within Zandarous. Zandarous quaked and rocked. Most Light and Dark went into the ground bringing forth trees, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, prairies, and all kinds of landscapes. But some of the Light and the Dark intermingled. Suddenly the Light and the Dark mix started forming elves, goblins, creatures of flight, fish, insects, creatures of the forest, humans, and many, many other creatures to numberous to count. The Emmortals ran and merely hid among the mountains. When they were safe Zandor looked back upon the world now in chaos as it quaked and rumbled the the throws of birth.

"What have I done?" Zandor uttered in stark terror. The only thing he could think of was keeping the Emmortals safe. He hid them from Zandarous' eye's.

The land was split and fractured. Continents floated apart, resting in thier places all over Zandarous. Over the next twelve centuries, creatures banded together in tribes. Civilization grew and thrived. Kingdoms began to rise as the tribes of creatures began the advance in knowleger. Civilization died and was born again in the great cycles of life. Zandarous breathed and thrived with new life. It was now a living breathing planet with all kinds of races.

It would be centuries later before the Emmortals would run into any creatures again. Unbeknownst to Zandor and Amber, the other Emmortals curiosity got the better of them. They would sneak out of hiding and go umoungst the mortals. The Emmortals saw them as beautiful. The mortals saw them as gods. Zandor was so busy with his Magic that he never even noticed that they were gone. Soon the Emmortals took mates amoung the mortals. They kept this a secret for twelve years. They began to have childeren, known as immortals. Soon they came to the conclusion that they had to tell Zandor.

It happened one day when Zandor was sitting under a tree in a meadow watching Amber play. Amber was quite happy and was chasing a flutterby. She so loved flutterby's. Giggling, Amber dove into a pile of leaves that was in front of Zandor. The leaves scattered all over, and seemed to dance around, like rain on a warm spring evening.

Zandor was carving on a piece of wood, not paying much attention to Amber. Amber lay amidst the leaves, and stared at Zandor. She then leaned forward, her hands on her face and her elbows resting on the ground with the rest of her body.

"What are you doing, Master Zandor?" Amber asked. A flutterby of reds, yellows, and blues landed on Amber's head. It began to move its wings up and down, the long, stringy, rubber-like fur on it's wings seemwd to flow back and forth as the straw grass in the meadow when the wind blows lazily.

"Just pondering on what we are going to do now that we must share our world with these other creatures." Zandor answered. Zandor finished carving the wood and held up the flute to his mouth and began to play. The eerie music began to flow and it took over Amber. She was lulled to sleep. She so loved Zandor's music.

"This flute plays almost as good as the Flute of Dreams," Zandor replied.

After awhile Zandor quit playing the flute and brushed Ambers red hair out of her face.

"I'll be back soon", he said, "and when you awaken, I will have some fruit for us to eat. Sleep well Amber."

With that Zandor walked a ways from the forest were he met the other Immortals. They were approaching him with mortals. At first, all Zandor could do was blink in shock. The mortals fell to their knees in worship. Zandor's eyes opened and at once spoke, "Arise!" They stood in shock.

"What's the matter Zandor?" Ora asked. "They do this to us all the time. It makes us feel power."

"What they do is called worship. It is wrong for them to do that to us." Zandor replied.

"Please forgive us Zandor," Abarus pleaded as he bowed. "If you say it is wrong, then so shall it be, we'll not let it happen again."

Zandor nodded in fright. He was very ineasy with this situation.

They explained to Zandor their situation. The mortals fell on thier faces and began to worship Zandor once again. They were in awe and fear of him. He nearly flogged them when he saw this. With a wave of his hands they arose. Zandor was hesitant at first but accepted them at any rate. For he loved the Emmortals greatly. To say that Amber was excited, at the idea of the childeren because now she had little ones to play with, would be a gross understatement..

The years passed by and more and more it was evident that the Dark force was gaining power over that of the Light. The humans and other creatures began to war against each other for land and food. Zandor disliked this greatly and took the Emmortals, their mates, and their children, up into the north. There they would live on a island void of any humans or humanoids. The island they called Aerodeashia. There they thrived. The immortals found a way, with an ancient brew, that their mates could become immortal too, escaping the ravages of time. They were known as Demi-Immortals.

Twelve centuries when by. The Dark force, through the use of humans, and, creatures and such, had taken, control of three fourths of the world, and was killing the Light. Civilization had stretched far and wide as kingdom rose against kingdom in the persuit of land, power, and magic. Zandor would not dare let any mess with Magic, magic is different. It's the force you are used to hearing about.

It had long been rumored that a sole emperor of the Dark side had come to seize the Dark power. He was known as He Who is the Darkness. Feeling the utter weakness in the Light, Zandor decided that it was time to do something to help the Light overcome the Dark.

Zandor took the twelve aside and told them what was happening. Zandor explained that he knew how to remedy the situation. This would mean a sacrifice on thier part and they might not make it back. They were to take the twelve eldest childeren and journey to the creator of G-Bel. There they would unleash the power of the Colors to help combat the Dark. The twelve decided that this was the best course. They gathered the twelve eldest and said thier goodbyes to thier mates and their loved ones. There was great mourning.

It was a three month journey to the Crater of G-Bel. Zandor, the Emmortals and their children made it. The Dark power was prominent, and the world was convulsing at its wrath. The Emmortals gave their eldest children each a treasure and told them to head out in different directions and not look back. They would have to start new lives and never return to this land. The danger was too great. The protection of these treasures were of the upmost concern. They explianed that so all could live certain sacrifices would have to be made. The Emmortals sent their children off with a kiss. They returned to find Zandor standing in the center of the crater with his hands raised high. Shimmering rained from his hands.

The wind began howl, enraged, the skies blackened and thunder cracked the sky, and Zandor shouted. "Emmortals hear me! Let each of your fabric powers come to me. Release them to me! Even though you don't have the treasures you still have power over your fabric power!" His voice darkened, "Quickly form a circle around me... and let your colors shine forth!!"

The Emmortals at once slid down the crater and joined hands in a circle around Zandor. They closed thier eyes and began to concentrate. Each began to glow with thier own Color. Then they released their Colors. The bright Colors encircled Zandor but did not touch him. Zandor would not let them, not yet. This much power coursing through him... he spoke prophecy. He shouted...

"Rise up colors! rise up with all of your might!
Arise! come forth and give power to the Light.
Rise up with the grace and might of a falcon true,
Strike down and destroy not the power of Dark brew!

And let not the Dark rise up against the Light,
'til a powerful love comes into sight.
Then shall Dark rise up against the Light once again.
Led by a falcon, an army will leave the Bend.

And strike down Darkness, mere children will they be,
And Darkness will find his slayers and will see.
That they will be separated vilely at birth,
Only when they march against him, he sees their worth.

Let the colors and the Light become one,
To see this Darkness totally undone!"

At that moment the Colors hit Zandor and were propelled upwards into the sky the likes of a hurricane. The colors powered the Light ravaging the Dark. The Dark was overpowered by the Light. The victory was greeted by a huge explosion. Pieces began to break off from the continents, forming islands. Many died that day. And in the following centuries the land masses continued the float accross the oceans. Like all things though, life pushed on. eace reined supreme through out the lands. But what of the Emmortals? They disappeared along with the entire crater of G-Bel. The crator was now the abyss an endless hole, and hovering twelve hundered feet above the crator that dropped into the endless abyss floated the top of the crator of G-bel encased in a permanent sphere. Many said that it was created by Zandor to remind all of the dangers of the Dark Not a word was ever heard from the thirteen again. Their children ventured out amongst the beings of the world. Generations passed and so did the Treasures of Colors from hand to hand. Thier secrets dissapeared with the Emmortals. Most people of the world thought that it was for the good. 'For if the treasures would rise again surely that would mark the begining of an evil age and of the end. It is better that they are lost. Better yet that they remain a fairy tale. Hopefully they will be forgotten, then this world will finally be healed.' Lost they did become. They became known as the Twelve Fabled Treasures of Shymmering Colors. Soon every one scoffed at the mention of the Twelve Fabled Treasures of Shymmering Colors were dismissed as childerens fantasy and lost to the winds of history. Stories become legend. And legends become fantasy, so did the Twelve Fabled Treasures of Shymmering Colors

But what about Zandor's prophecy? What about the Falcon that would come to combat the forces of Darkness? What about the army of childeren Falcon Knights? Will it ever come to pass?

Play childeren, play, but listen childeren, listen, although you are lost, listen and you'll hear the call of the Falcon, Holder of the Faith, Bringer of the Light, Salvation of the World, Leader of the Childeren. Can you hear him calling on the winds of Destiny?

- An excerpt from the Book of Illuminated Fantasies. (A childerens book of fairy tales)
Authored by Lady Cloudistien who was rumored to be the eldest child of the Emmortal Ora

8,916,100,448,398 years later...

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