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Before I begin may I invite you to go to my playstation page and vote for your favorite console. Thank you and now for Samhain's Games Pages!

Hello, and welcome to my games page. Within these halls you will find information about all types of games. Now let me begin by saying that video games have been an addiction of mine for ever since I can remember. It all started when I was about 8, in 1981 and I got to see pac man played on the Atari. I was so blown away. I knew watching that game being played and hearing that bonk, bonk, bonk, as pac man ate those pellets, that this was what I wanted to do. Every since then video games have taken up most of my life. I remember collecting pac man cards, and going to the boy's club to play galaga. I think the the first video game that I ever played was Star Wars. Ever since then I've always had my heart into video games. My best friend and I used to mow lawns to get money so that we could go down to the next big town to Pizza Hut to play games in thier arcade. Those were the days. I chose Computer Sience as my major in college so that I could be one step closer to video games. About a year or two ago I finally saw a childhood dream coe true, when I created my first viedo game called Legacy. I've always been drawn to RPG's, although I love other genre's. Legacy was an RPG.

I treasure my childhood, and revel in those memeories. All along I've always played video games. My passion for them is unrivaled. I was relly inspired when I was in Bee County College, on the way to get my associates degree. One of my friends invited my to come and see his network, that he had. He had networked four computers together and had a little game called Doom I and Doom II, and Heretic, setup so that your could play them networked. This absolutely blew me away. I was attracted to heretic right away, and loved Doom I and II. I only got to play for about ten minutes, but I was changed after that. I wanted my own network so that I could network play games. Which I do now.

Now I'm a successful software Engineer, who plays the top of the line games like, Quakke, Quake II, and now Quake II arena. Mechwarrior II, Ghostbears Legacy, and III, Warcraft, Warcraft II, and the expantion pack, Phantasmagoria I & II, all of the Kings Quest series, Heretic, Heretic II, Half-Life, Unreal, HExen I and II, Starsiege, Return to Krondor, Thief, Baldur's Gate, the list goes on and on. I can't even name them all. But these are my passions.

Don't get me wrong, I don't only play PC game solely, I also play console games. FOr my toughts on these systems, plese choose a console system from the drop down list boxes to the left under "consoles", and to see dedications to some of my all time favorite games, please choose a game from the "Games Dedications" Drop down list box. I hope that these pages can be of a great help to you. The links and pages here are for my personal use, but if there is something here that you would like to see to make this page better, then please e-mail me.

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