Campbell of Breadalbane

Creast Badge: A boar's head, erased, proper.
Motto: Follow me.
Gaelic Name: Caimbeul.
Origin of Name: Caimbeul, from Caelic cam (wry) and beul (mouth), wry-mouth.
Plant Badge: Fir club moss, Bog myrtle.
War Cry: Cruachan.
Pipe Music: Bodaich nam Brigisean (The Carles with the breeks).
The Campbells of Breadalbane can trace their name back to Sir Colin who was the son of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochow. Through Sir Duncan's marriage with the daughter of Lord Lorn he receieved a third part of the lands of Lorn. In 1440 he build Kilchurn Castle and for his valour in Palestine he was made a Kinght of Rhodes.

Sir Duncan's decendents were successful in adding to the family possessions and over a period of time the family owned lands of Blenlyon, Finlarig, and territory throughout Argyll and Perthshire.

Sir John Campbell, 11th of Glenorchy was greated Earl of Breadalbane in 1681. He was a strong supporter of King Charles II. He was described as cunning as a fox, wise as a serpent, and as slippery as an eel. He was employed to bribe the Highland clans to submit to King William III. He died in 1716.