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Edinburgh. The capitol of Scotland and one of the most beautiful cities of the UK region. Depending on your point of view, the most beautiful city in the world. The Edinburgh festival is, according to the Guinness book of records, the biggest arts festival in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. Edinburgh is home to only half a million people but it certainly makes up for its numbers in its many festivals and the world famous Edinburgh Millitary Tattoo. Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular turist attractions in the world. It is home to the 'Tattoo' which takes place once a year. It is a celebration of pipe music and cultural music from around the world including countries such as Australia, England, China, and of course Scotland. The oldest areas of Edinburgh are dated back to the 11th century.
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Below are some pictures and also a live WebCam link.


Edinburgh by night.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Live pictures of Edinburgh.