Clan MacGillivray

Creast Badge: A cat, sejant. All proper.
Arms: A deer above a knight. Motto: Dunmaglas
Gaelic Name: MacGhille-brath.
Origin of Name: (Gaelic) Gillie Bhrath meaning son of the servant of judgment.
Plant Badge: Boxwood, Red whortleberry.
War Cry: Dunmaglas
Clan MacGillivray is one of the oldest branches of the clan Chattan. They were a powerful clan in the time of the conquest of Alexander II. A 16th century historian made a statement that in about 1268 Gillivray, the progenitor of the Clan vic Gillivray, took protection for himself and posterity of Farquhard Mackintosh, 5th of Mackintosh.

In about 1500 the MacGillivrays settled at Dunmaglass in Starthnairn. They became very powerful in that part of the country with much wealth and many possessions.

The MacGillivrays took a prominent part in the Risings of Jecobite in 1715 and 1745. Alexander, chief of the clan, led the Clan Chattan regiment at the battle of Culloden. The Clan Chattan regiment also wiped out the left wing of the Hanoverian army. The burial place of the MacGillivrays of Dunmaglass is in Dunlichity Churchyard.