Clan Cumin, Cumming, or Comyn

Creast Badge: A lion rampant, or. Holding in its dexter paw a dagger, proper.
Motto: Courage.
Gaelic Name: Cuimean.
Origin of Name: Place-name. Comines in Flanders..
Plant Badge: Cumin plant.
War Cry: Cruachan.
The Cumins' clan territory was Badenoch, therefore the Cumin Chiefs were known as the 'Lords of Badenoch'. It is belived that the Cumins came from England but there is a record of them in Scotland at around the 7th century. In 1133, William de Comyn received land in Roxburgh and was appointed Chancellor of Scotland by David I.

The Cumins were a long line of great nobles who's line lived on for many centuries. They were finally defeated in 1308 at Inverury. John the only son of "Red Comyn," died in 1325. He had no son or heir - thus ending the direct line of the principal branch of the family.

The Cumins were very numerous in Scotland - especially in districts such as Aberdeen, Banff, and Morayshires.
The septs of the Cummin's are:
Buchan, Cheyne, Chiene, Common, Commons, Cummings, Cumyn, Farquharson, MacNiven, Niven, Russell.