Clan Grĉme

Creast Badge: Falcon with wings displayed, proper. Falcon is beaked and armed. Falcon is praying on stork which lies on its back argent, armed gules.
Arms: A Gold Shield with three escollops running across it. Motto: Ne Oublie. (Never Forget)
Gaelic Name: Greumach.
Origin of Name: Old English grĉme meaning greyhome.
Plant Badge: Laurel.
Pipe Music: Killiecrankie.
The Grĉmes or Grahams are one of the most ancient clans of Scotland. Dating back to well before the 12th century. The first recorded person of the name was William de Graham who recieved the lands of Abercorn and Dalkeith from King David I. It has been proven that the Grahams were of Norman, which is now French, decent. The 3rd Lord Graham was created Earl of Montrose in 1504 by James IV.

The Grĉmes were probably among the most destinguished of the Scottish clans. The Grĉmes married into the royal family twice. Among them was probably the greatest soldier of the time, James Graham. He was a poet but was known for his bravoury and skill as a soldier.

It is thought that the original Grĉmes were picts which inhabited Scotland long before the Normans did.