Clan Gunn

Creast Badge: Dexter hand holding sword, all proper.
Arms: Ship. Motto: Aut Pax Aut Bellum (Either peace or war)
Gaelic Name: Guinne.
Origin of Name: Norse gunn-arr.
Plant Badge: Juniper.
Pipe Music: The Gunn's Salute.
Clan Gunn's main territory was in Caithness and Sutherland. The clan claim to be descended from 'Olave the Black' who was a Norse King of Man and the Isles, who died in 1237. The clan had a great war like characture and continued to extend their possesions into the 15th century. Their reign stopped chiefly in Sutherland when they marched into Ross and where slaughtered by clan Ross. In the 15th century George Gunn, a chief, was very successful in winning his battles but in 1464 he was killed. He was killed by clan Keith when trying to arrange a reconciliation between both Gunn and Keith, who had endless fueds. About a century later his grandson avenged his death by killing Keith of Ackergill, his son, and twelve followers at Dummoy in Sutherland. However, feuds continued between the Gunns and Mackays, as well as the Earls of Caithness and Sutherland. In 1585 the Earls attacked the Gunns who had fewer number but yet had an advantage because they were on higher ground. The Gunns killed 140 men and only the darkness prevented them from killing more. However, the Gunns were later defeated at Lochbroom by the Earl of sutherland