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Below are some graphical links to scottish related sites. I hope you enjoyed this site and that you might find even more information in the following sites. If you own a Scottish site and you would like me to include a link to it here I am very happy to do that free of charge. Graphic links are prefered. All non-graphic sites will go at the bottom so it is suggested that you make a graphical link like the ones below. Thankyou. While you are reading this I would like to thank many sites and books which have helped me in the Making of this site. Most of the site names are below with the links. I would esspecially like to thank Virtual Menus for the scottish recipies, and The Gathering of the Clans homepage for the background tartans and clan logos. I used many books in the making including 'The Clans of the Scottish Highlands' which I used for the wonderful pictures of different Highland Clan people and 'Clans and Tartans of Scotland' which I used for the tartans as well as information. Thankyou also to any other sites I have missed. If you find ANY spelling or gramatical errors on any part of this page then PLEASE email me and tell me.
If you have any others then please Email me. If you would like to put a link to me on your homepage then please copy the following text into you page where you would like the link to appear. Please Email me when you have added the link so I may go and have a look at your page:-)

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