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Creation 7th Day Adventist
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4 February 1997

Pastor Walter McGill
Creation 7th Day Adventists
P.O. Box 284
Spring City, TN 37381

Dear Pastor McGill:

Thank you for your recent letter concerning use of the name Seventh-day Adventist. I intend to read your open letter if I can find it on the Internet. I appreciate your prayers and, in fact, welcome them.

Perhaps you can answer a few questions for me. Have you ever been a member or had previous association with the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Why does your Church include "7th Day Adventists" in its name? What is significant, if anything, about your Church's name? Does your Church seek new members? Would you care if another church was organized in Spring City, perhaps with former members from your Church and called itself the Historic Spring City Remnant Church of Creation 7th Day Adventists? What if this new church had a leader like David Koresh? I would genuinely value your responses to these questions.

As I continue to study this matter, your input will be appreciated and carefully considered. I ultimately look to our Heavenly Father for guidance. His will be done.



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