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Creation 7th Day Adventist
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6 March 1997

Mrs. Crystle A. Martin
P.O. Box 391
Ottawa, KS 66067

Dear Mrs. Martin:

First, let me thank Annetta for the beautiful picture of the Baby Jesus. I placed the picture in my office. Please give your daughter my regards.

I have worked for the General Conference for almost twenty years. It is not a place as described in your letter (i.e. given over to kingly powers, etc.) I wonder of the basis for your conclusions? What firsthand knowledge do you have of the dedicated people here who seek to do God's will?

I respect your beliefs and convictions. I will certainly keep your views in mind as I fulfill my responsibility of protecting the integrity of the Church's good name. I thank you for your continued prayers. Each day I ask God for His guidance and wisdom.


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