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God's in Control!

Sat Feb 22 21:41:11 1997

Dear Brother "Chick",

Thank you for your letter dated Feb 17 and the one January 14! We truly appreciate your concern as to our 'situation' with the Conference. I am so sorry that it has taken until now, Feb 22, to get in touch with you. We have been in the process of moving since the first of January - maybe you can appreciate the harriness of that situation! All records, computers, letters, typewriters, faxes, etc............. packed, in boxes, not set up, "lost" until found, on and on it goes you know! Anyway, we are at 'capacity' again - the LORD is soooo good, amen?

As to our 'situation' with Walter Carson and those whom he endeavors to please, we immediately took the matter to our God and gave it ALL to Him and like all trials, our Father is BIG enough to take care of our small matters!

If Walter Carson had wanted the threatening words to remain a silent, hidden affair then it was NOT to be. It was picked up on world-wide fax, went to the world of 7th Day Adventists and we were contacted by MANY! We had also contacted attorney Max Corbett and was given some very good advice and cautious admonitions.

To this date, we have had NO contacts or threatenings from Walter Carson or his band of "jesuits" but even if they do (and we fully expect them to) their efforts, THEN the ONLY way they can get to us on anything- is to go through our King Jesus first. And then, if it is alright with our Saviour that we be sued, flayed, boiled-toiled-troubled: WE SHALL REMAIN FAITHFUL SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS FOREVER! We shall be called and known by that name
(not that it is a sacred chalice) BUT it is the name that He gave His people and this is WHAT we are and a BANNER that we hold high to rebuke the Protestant world as to their acceptance of the Mark to come.

I have added you to our e-mail address book, Chick, and IF there are any new developements, we shall pass the situation to those interested because we believe that it will come to all those who call themselves SDAs and none will be left untouched.

Stay in the LORD'S Blessings!

Larry Weathers         Rogue Valley Historic Seventh-Day Adventists

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