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January 3, 1999
New Lake Superior Trading Post
Just received this URL to a new trading board for Lake Superior created by Andrie. Just wanted to let you know there's a new one up and feel free to stop by. The New Lake Superior Trading Post

Regarding Markets and Merchants
I'd like to thank you all for your comments, suggestions and submissions to this section, but I need to let you know that, for now, there may be a delay in getting your page up. We've been going through submissions but due to the tremendous work load, it will take some time to update the listings accordingly. I will hopefully be able to get a few more completed ones linked up by today. My apologies for the delay. Update requests on existing pages will take priority, however.

UO Home Improvements
I haven't been to this site in a while since the proprietors don't seem to update this site at all any longer but I was just there and noticed that they have a nicely laid out board now which has been getting a lot of uses. You might want the check the board (the polls haven't been updated since the beginning of December or so...) to add your comment. Perhaps OSI will take notice... UO Home Improvements

-@10:32 A.M. EST, Majestic

January 2, 1999
Atlantic - Reminder: Ray's Cafe Arctica
This from Ray:
Cafe Arctica is open now!
It's a 2 story house in the north of Ice Island. Nathalie will serve you with drinks sometimes and there's also a vendor with food and drinks. You can find a rune to the Tavern in Leiah's Rune Library or in Castel Vert a small tavern in the north of Skara Brae mainland.

For more information, pictures of the tavern, a map of the location and a message board, visit Ray's Cafe Arctica Website or Ray's Webpage.


-@7:38 P.M. EST, Majestic

January 1, 1999
Picture of the Week
This week's POW was sent in by Ixney on Drachenfels. The dreaded Captain Ixney takes time out to see a school of dolphins =)
The last POW was a shot of Cassinthia on Lake Superior casting at Hythloth.

Drachenfels - Eröffnungsfeier der Taverne "Alte Schmiede"
This from Drake:

On Sunday the 3rd of January, a new tavern is opening just south of Trinsic. Free ribs and fish steaks as long the stock lasts! You can find more about it at the tavern website: Alte Schmiede.

The Magister Etraneus Trinsic [MET] is looking forward to your visit.

Fare thee well

And also a German translation:
Am Sonntag, den 3. Januar eröffnet eine neue Taverne im Süden von Trinsic. Ribs und fish-steaks gibts zur Feier kostenlos, solange der Vorrat reicht. Näheres unter: Alte Schmiede.

Die Magister Extraneus Trinsic [MET] freuen sich auf Euren Besuch.

Markets and Merchants Updates

  • Updated the Mystical Imporium on Yamato (location and map change)
  • Added The Seraphim Order Mall on Napa Valley (armor, exceptional bows/weapons)
  • Added Trinsic Elixirs on Chesapeake (potions, reagents and scrolls)
  • Added Amaru's Vendor at the Sogo Tower on Pacific (potions)
  • Added the Magik Shop of Azeroth on Sonoma (scrolls and spellbooks)
Minor Game Updates Yesterday
This @ UOVault:
Christmas trees will now only be placeable inside a house. Craftable items no longer allowed on boats. The "vendor replace" command was removed. Finally Serpent Pillars coming and going have been disabled. - Kazola

UOHoC Open House Chat Logs
The news is everywhere else, so now it's here too. Read the chat logs for last night's UOHoC OHC here.

Also, the next meeting will happen on Jan 14, 7:00PM CT (5PM PT, 8PM ET).

December 31, 1998
More Poll Improvements
We've had some great poll topic ideas submitted yesterday (and today) so tomorrow we'll be switching the poll of the week and maybe adding another poll. Because of the request, I'll see if I can get a board linked up for posting your comments and ideas regarding the polls. As well, you may notice that there are a lot fewer pop-ups at the boards and the polls.

Utility Updates
Please check the below links for further info on what features have been updated/fixed.

-@11:41 A.M. EST, Majestic

December 30, 1998
Markets and Merchants Update #2
At 4:38 PM EST
  • Updated GM Smith Marolyn's Shop on Napa Valley (vendor name change)
  • Updated KD's Place on Atlantic (location description added; shop name changed)
  • Updated the Mystical Imporium on Yamato (location change; shop name change)
  • Updated Ixney's Open Forge on Drachenfels (owner name corrected)
  • Added the Magik Shop of Azeroth on Sonoma (scrolls and spellbooks)
  • Added Trinsic Elixirs on Chesapeake (potions, scrolls, reagents)
  • Added Dante's Imporium on Asuka (exceptional armor/weapons)
There's more that I might have time to get to later tonight or tomorrow. Current queue - 9 new, 1 update and counting.

Atlantic: Ray's Cafe Arctica - Grand Opening!
This from Ray:

The Cafe will open today December 30th at 8:00PM MEZ (or 1:00 PM Central Time)
There will be an opening with free drinks and food. We will gate you from the Moonglow Bank to the tavern.

For more information, a map of the location and a message board, visit Ray's Cafe Arctica Website:
or Ray's Webpage -

All problems with font size should be fixed.


Markets and Merchants Update #1

  • Added The Asmandi Dragon on Baja (selling craftable add-ons, reagents, exceptional armor/weapons, potions, scrolls, arrows, bolts, and magical items) They also have a few amenities such as a free public dye tub, forge, and dummy as well as a charity box and more...
  • Added the Inner Sanctum of Hunters Provisioner on Chesapeake (selling craftable add-ons, potions, exceptional armor/bows, and more...)
  • Added the Knights Of Justice Open Forge and Mine on Sonoma (selling ingots, mining supplies, and magic items) There are also locked down runes to many other vendors and banks there.
More to come later in the day as I complete more additions. 7 new, and 2 updates on the queue as of now.

New Guide @ UO Stratics
Just headed over to UOSS and found this out =):

"Daedalus Rising has returned from his travels at sea and has written an excellent guide about Shipborne Travel and Adventure. Everything you always wanted to know about sailing can be found in here. From buying and launching your boat, via navigation and docking to a travel guide and adventuring tips. Go have a look, it's more than worth it." - Xena Dragon
Nice work!

-@8:57 A.M. EST, Majestic

December 29, 1998
New poll is up and the question is Should guard zones be declared around public houses? And, I modified the polls to display their current results without having you having to vote (again).

Later tonight I should have some, if not all, the new vendor pages done and the list will be posted here. Thanks,

Also, I've taken down the utilities page in the anticipation that I will update it shortly =)

UO House of Commons Open House Chat Again!'s this Thursday. "The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for next Thursday December 31, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET)." - Xena Dragon

Check the UOHoC website for the most accurate details (where else?). Or UOSS for the original announcement.

-@6:15 P.M. EST, Majestic

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