Indianapolis, Indiana
At the American Bandstand,
where Poison was inducted to the
Wall of Fame

Skyler withRikki,the lucky bitch...j/k...I was on the other side of the car. :(

Bret Michaels outside of the 
American Bandstand signing autographs. 

couldn't help but grab this shot of C.C's 
and Rikki's butts. But then who wouldn't.

Bobby Dall outside American Bandstand, 

C.C. flashing the thumbs up

Bret with Skyler and Me (Matiya), we are so cheesy. But we were loving his arms around us. 

Bret with two unknown Indy guys.


Review of Poison show
By Matiya Dawn

All that I've got to say is WOW!!! This is the first Poison show that I've ever been too and from what I've seen, they kick some major ass.
From what I am given to understand; at the beginning the band was wild, crazy, and only interested in was the music and who they could fuck that night. I feel that nothing has changed except to say that they have matured a little (ok maybe not). The show was killer. The music LOUD! And what with the explosions that seemed to go with the different songs at just the right moment, I would say that a good time was had by all.
Poison played most of the songs that have been heard for years, but it seems that no one could get enough.
Also, given the info that was given by Poison themselves on VH1 Behind The Music, about past exploits and groupies after the show. They had stated the different ways they picked girls out of the crowds during a show. Now they really didn't say anything about changing their ways. However, I think that things haven't changed all that much for the boys of Poison. During the show, which I had a tenth row center seat, I managed to see different signals given by Bret, C.C., and Bobby to girls in the crowd as well as backstage passes thrown from the stage by said band members. However, it is unknown by me what happened after the show backstage or anywhere else. All I've got to say is YOU GO BOYS AND GIRLS!
For now, this is all that I have to say. I am going to try and get an interview online with Rikki. Hopefully he will answer the questions that I send. If you have any questions that you would like to ask the band and/or just a specific band member, email them to  mailto:TheWebrage@hotmail.com
Matiya Dawn

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