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Welcome to my site! This could mean one of two things; either you're a HUGE fan of the show "Road Rovers," or you're probably just looking around. My screen grabs site should be up within a year. Until then, keep poking around!
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This is the Road Rovers logo.
But who are these heroes??
The names of the Road Rovers are as follows; Hunter, Colleen, Blitz, Exile, Shag, and Muzzle. The protect humanity and the animal kingdom from all the evil in the world.
Hunter is 50% Golden Retriever and 100% mutt. His main super power is Super Speed. He's from the USA.
Colleen is a female rough collie from England whose super powers include super agility and super cunning.
Blitz is a Doberman Pinscher from Germany who fancies himself a ladies man. Super Teeth is his super power.
Exile is a Siberian Husky from-you guessed it!-Russia. His super power is Super Sight.
Shag is a sheepdog from Switzerland. He's a bit of a wussy, though.
Muzzle is a Rottweiler from the USA, who's short a screw or two.
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