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The Unofficial Sifl and Olly Show Homepage

New:more rock facts, and sifl & olly songs


Request:If you have any pics, send them to me

i don't watch the show as often as i can,so if you have any rock facts, songs, or pics, also send them to me

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Sifl and Olly are two sock puppets with their own show on MTV. Sifl & Olly is the brainchild of musicians and long-time best friends, Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco. As young kids, the guys played around with tape recorders and continued their obsession with wacky characters as they got older. The basis for Sifl & Olly springs from some tape-recorded conversations the two had while going to college. For Christmas, Liam took their calls and animated them using two unassuming sock puppets -- Sifl & Olly. The rest is television history.

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