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Olly loves Serena Altschul times more than you.

	As you know Olly's dream mate is Serena Altschul, a MTV news anchor.  Olly
gave me this pic and told me to include it on my page.  So, Serena, if you're
looking at this, mention something about Olly during a broadcast or stop by his
show!  If you don't answer soon, Olly will continue to bother me until you do.  
And I don't have a very good feeling about this, he said something about a shrine
and a 24 hour network page(he's starting to scare me!)

Oh yeah, Olly told me to visit this 
Serena Altschul link.
And here's another.

Olly wants you(yes that's right, you folks!{Olly told me to write it}) to know a few tid-bits about his future wife, Serena Altschul.

After a lot of revising here's what I find appropriate in the pages of info Olly gave me.
Age:  27 yrs
Birthday:  Born in October of 1970.(you better buy her a good birthday present folks!-Olly) 
Zodiac sign:  Libra, she's outgoing, easygoing, and diplomatic(Wow, folks, the same as me!-Olly) 
Height:  5' 7" 
Hair color:  ash blonde / light brown(Well, folks, i'm blonde!-Olly) 
Eye color:  green(Damn you Sifl!-Olly) 
Residence:  New York City 
Significant other:  Says she goes for the "Ben Stiller-type."(I love Ben, hey buddy!-Olly)
She's sort of a science dweeb(to me a science godess-Olly): "Two of my favorite magazines are Nature and Science. 
To me, that's pleasure reading." (Oh my gosh, I finally found someone besides me who loves reading those mags.-Olly)
Fav Band: She's a HUGE Ben Folds Five fan.(Me too! folks were made for each other!-Olly)
She's got a band named after her: When a fan wrote her a letter asking her to the prom, Serena politely declined. The guy was
so thrilled to hear from her, he named his band The Serena Altschul Experience. Now that's a compliment! 
(Hey buddy, you stole my Seattle bands name! I swear to you Serena, Claire Danes meant nothing to me!-Olly)

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