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Mark Philippoussis

Mark Philippoussis is a great tennis player.  I've always liked tennis, but
only recently I've gotten into Mark.  Something about his style has quickly
attracted me to his games.
Name:        Mark Philippoussis
Age:         20  (turns 21 in November 97)
Birthplace:  Australia
Residence:   Melbourne, Australia
Height:      6'4"
Weight:      202 lbs.
Hair:        Brown
Father:      Nick

Hit the fastest serve of all time (142 mph) on March 7th, 1997.

1997 BMW Open Final--May 4th
Philippoussis   7   7   1   6
Corretja        6   3   6   4

1997 World Team Cup Final--May 25th
Philippoussis   6   6   6
Costa           3   7   7

Mark Philippoussis
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