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O.K.,I am an avid fan of the Classical Guitar who as a young player, had really wished that I could hear some of these great works before I attempted to play them. Well, the MIDI age is here, and although computer beeps can not do justice to great guitar music,one can still get a rough idea (if a glimpse!) of the majesty of this repertoire. Please accept my humble recreations of several classics. Only a few composers for now - more to come...

The purpose of this page is to share the beauty of the classical guitar with you - no more, no less..


If you do not have decent sound on your PC, here is a little gem of a program to give you 16-bit sound (sorry MAC users!) - You'll need this if you only hear little "beeps" right now...

Wingroove - 1.04 MB

Isaac Albeniz

Legend - a haunting piece in E minor - **EDESSA FILE**


Rumores de Caleta - **EDESSA FILE**

Rumores de Caleta

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Lute Suite No.4 in E Major - BWV 1006 - seq. by Sir Vocalise

1.Prelude 2. Loure

Lute Suite No.1 in E Minor BWV 1006A


Fugue in G minor (transcribed in A minor) - **EDESSA FILE**

G Minor Fugue

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Augustine Barrios

La Cathedral - seq. by Sir Vocalise

1.Lento 2.Andante 3.Allegro

Prelude in C Minor - seq. by Sir Vocalise


Leo Brouwer

Study XIV (Pour les lies et le pouce) - seq. by Sir Vocalise

Study XIV

** Una Dia De Novembre - seq. by Sir Vocalise **

One Day in November

Matteo Carcassi

Etude in A Major- seq. by Sir Vocalise

Etude in A Major

Annibal Augusto Sardina Garoto

Desvairada (valsa) - arr. by Paulo Bellinati - seq. by Sir Vocalise

**believe me, this one is a keeper!**

Mauro Giuliani

Andante in D Major - seq. by Sir Vocalise


George Frederic Handel

Suite for Guitar - seq. by Sir Vocalise

1.Prelude 2.Bouree 3.Minuet 4.Corrente 5.Sarabande with Variations

Antonio Lauro

Vals Venezolano - seq. by Sir Vocalise

No. 3

Alonso Mudara



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Stanley Myers

A lush, Romantic "Chopinesque" Cavatina arranged for guitar! - seq. by Sir Vocalise


Fernando Sor

Etude no.5 - seq. by Sir Vocalise

Etude no.5

Two Famous Preludes - **EDESSA FILES**

Prelude no.8 Prelude no.17

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Francisco Tarrega

His famous Tremolando study in Am - **EDESSA FILE**

Recuerdos de la Alhambra

All 15 Preludes by Tarrega! - Download the .ZIP file - **EDESSA ZIP FILE**

15 Preludes in .ZIP format!

Capriccio Arabe, a beautiful piece in D minor - **EDESSA FILE**

Capriccio Arabe

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Lagrima (Teardrop) - seq. by Sir Vocalise


A Chromatic Arpeggio Etude in A Major - seq. by Sir Vocalise

Etude in A Major

Heitor Villa-Lobos

Suite Populare Bresilienne - seq. by Sir Vocalise


Prelude -**EDESSA FILE**

Prelude no.1

Etude - **EDESSA FILE**

Etude no.1

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Andrew York

A Contemporary piece in D Major - seq. by Sir Vocalise


!!Very nice choice!!

** Ensemble Music **

1. Antonio Soler (1729-1783) - seq. by Sir Vocalise

Sonate no.118 - Allegro

2. Sir Vocalise (Contact re:copyright)

Duet for 2 Guitars

** Popular Ensembles **

3. Sir Vocalise (Contact re:copyright)

D'Yer Maker - Led Zeppelin, arranged for 4 Guitars!

4. Sir Vocalise (Contact re:copyright)

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin, arranged for 3 Guitars!

5. Sir Vocalise (Contact re:copyright)

Every Breath You Take - Sting, arranged for 4 Guitars!

6. Sir Vocalise (Contact re:copyright)

Uptown Girl - Billy Joel, arranged for 5 Guitars!

7. Sir Vocalise (Contact re:copyright)

Talkin' In Your Sleep - The Romantics, arranged for 4 Guitars!

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