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Most of the following links are those that I have come across along my journey through cyberspace. Some may not be so good like you expect but I let them be anyway. If you would like to see any particular link that you do not see on this page, please fill the form below to send the information to me. This form will be sent to me via the email. The link that you sent will be added within 48 hours. Please note that sites with adult content are not allowed to participate. This is a family safe site and I intend to keep it that way. I appreciate your time and co-operation.

For flowers, virtuals and postcards:

Virtual Presents To Send Anything Virtual! - This is the place to be!

About Work That Perfect Place For Professional Postcards!

Philips Florals Boutique The Site With Beautiful Bouquets - For Real!

Virtual Journeys Through The States of The USA Journey Around & Discover The USA!

Adopt a Vitual Dog Adopt a vitual dog today all you dog lovers and take care of hime like you would your real one.

For those of you who are thinking of relocating:

Home Fair Helps you calculate the proportional salary, the standard of living index, crime index and a whole lot of other stuff. You need to check this one to believe it.

All Apartments For apartments around the US! For more choices for apartments within your budget

No email ID as yet? Try this one:

Personalised Email Personalise your email as per your liking!

For the job-hunter:

Careerpath Browse Through The Nations Newspapers!

DICE The Site for Computer Professionals!

Looking For a Place To Host Your Homepage?

Tripod I personally feel this one is the best.

Geocities I tried this one during the early stages but I felt it was not quite so nice a place like Tripod. No hardfeelings guys but that is my personal opinion.

Angel Fire This one seems to be alright. But I would still sugest Tripod.

Other Fun Stuff:

Name Meanings Have you been curious ever to find out what your name actually means? Go here to find out all about your name. Your characteristics, et all.

Please fill out the following information and when you are done click on "This is my favorite". If you change your mind then click on "Nah! Never Mind". You can send in as many as you like. Due credit will be given to the contributor of the link, which is why all the information you fill out will be important. Please also note that all sites submitted will be reviewed before it is finally added to this list.

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