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[1998 - Holden's   50th Anniversary] This site is dedicated to the history of the vehicles produced by General Motors-Holden during the 1960's in Australia. Most Aussies have grown up with these cars, and most have memories of special occasions or events which involve these cars.

In 1998, Australia celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Holden Motor Company.

The following pages include a number of specifications, some brief history and some original advertising literature from the time these cars were released. Also, information on the experimental Holden, the Hurricane, has also been included.

New stuff

Hey guys! I know you didn't believe it, and at times, nether did I, but look! Finally, LOTS of UPDATES!

Not only have the exisitng models been updated with new stuff, we now have completely NEW sections for the FE, FC, and FB models. Also, some information on the later HK models will be added soon.

Send me a quick note at the email at the bottom of the page to let me know if you find the pages, or the updates, useful or interesting.

I'm also looking to sort out server space and hosting issues, so we may have a proper URL in the not too distant future!

Please let me know if you find any broken links or images not showing etc.

[FC Wagon]

[Grey motor]

I have more stuff to add to the site, so I need to know what you'd like to see. I have sets of the Nasco Accelerator magazines from the 1960's. The Accelerator was the Holden trade magazine, and includes details on special factory promotions, service fixes to faults and lots of ads for the various accessories.

I also have sets of the Holden Service Bulletins, which include detailed fixes to problems reported by customers. All dealers would have had these close to hand! There's also have some non Holden stuff, such as Wibroc brochures, and a couple of super rare 'Tilli' brochures, which give details of the various afternarket trim kits that were fitted to Holdens, and all other types of cars. Let me know!

All of the current and new stuff can be viewed from the respective History pages. Click on 50th Anniversary image above to enter.


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If you have arrived at this page, you can find more information on these vehicles, as well as lots of other stuff, if you check out my Home Page. Details of my own early Holden projects can be found there.

I haven't yet worked out exactly where to put the next two items, the 'phantom' Holdens, so for now I'll leave them on this page.

Information on the Holden Hurricane, and the Holden Torana GTR-X are both available by clicking on the respective image below.

[The Holden Hurricane] [The Holden Torana GTR-X]
The Holden Hurricane and Torana GTR-X

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