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Punk,Hardcore, and Physcodelic Midis

Silver Chair- Madman: This song is great! Don't leave this page without listining to it!
Bush- Machine Head: See...It's kind of like a mix of all different punk wannabe kinda stuff.
Filter- Hey man, nice shot: My Favorite Song(steve) You have to hear it!!
Greenday- Walking Condradiction: Finnally a great punk song.
Offspring- Come out and play: OOH LA LA....This is a awesome song. You have to check it out.
Offspring- Genocide: Probbally one of the best PUNK songs here.
Rage Against The Machine- Killing In The Name Of: Along with Filter i nomanate this best hardcorey song.(STEVE)
Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit: This is a good midi because it's of a great song.
Prodigy- Breathe: This is another awesome song. You have to check it out.
Veruca Salt- Volcano Girls: Does anybody remember this song besides Gus and I?

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