To my son

And the children are the keepers of our dreams They listen to their parent's schemes through subleties through pieces of conversations and then the children weave these goals into the fabric of their lives And the younger the children are the purer their souls And I never saw my son open his eyes And I never saw him cry but I know he is a twinkle in the sky
Always thought I was the bravest person I ever knew Until I took my guitar and played a lullabye And I thought about when my little Mercy was born and he was still in my arms and thought nothing in my life could be worse than this because just days before I saw his heart beating my little boy who I had so many dreams for
because at the time I was a woman who wanted to be a mother so every once in a while when I'm alone I remind myself that I have an unshakable faith in the grand scheme of things Even though I don't understand it And I hope and I pray
on the day that I die
I'll get that big explanation
Mercy in my arms
eyes open

I guess it is a selfish thing for a mother to want
After all everyone wants to know why
everything is the way it is


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