World Museum of Poetry: located in Tampa,Florida USA
W3PX-The Poetry Exchange: Read other's Poems & Submit Your Own
SETTLE DOWN & HAVE A NICE CUP OF JAVA: have some fun with this one the applets are running: the future of web poetics
International Society of Poets: I don't know what their up to but you can call Elizabeth, the President 410/356.2001 x101
The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon: A true Haiku Artist
Literary Kicks: It's the Beat Generation Poets: including some of my fav's: Jack Kerouac & Allen Ginsburg- Love it- Live it- On the Road
Kerouac speaks: That's right- so plug in your speakers
Edgar Allan Poe: Edward Bonver brings you E.A. Poe with no swinging pendulums
One Web Avenue: Steven E. Callihan: checkout this northwesterner's Jewels of the Heart
Splintered Fields: Visual Poetry by Stuart Meacham
Poetry Daily: for those that like poetry with their coffee
The Messianic Poetry Corner: Boys & Girls I'm not affiliated but-These poets seem very sweet & Jesus is definately in the hall of fame when it comes to poets&bards- I mean he really was on the road-
Sonji Rush- Poetry Home Page: "The Poet Within Me",she writes pretty poems & here's some love & joy & strife poems
Links from Underground: Justin Hall- like he says,"explicitly poetic ramblings plus nekked photos & eventually Justin will finish his thesis
Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien: poetess - anarchist - feminist- I'm just reiterating what she says on her home page
kick the baby: musicians- they have real puzzles- jokes- and tell them Dr. Spock said don't scream at the baby!
Haiku Headlines of the Day: Michael Sheinbaum & friends write Cool Haiku & u get to submit yours too!
Vamp Love's Poetry: She's 17, lives in West Virginia, has a thing for Punk M & Vamps
daily word: daily up beat philosophy from unity- if you can't find your prozac & you're into god & jesus this is your manic link
forest of poetry: Paul Hendriks walks you through this magnificently visual harmony of poems & forest- no tree choppers please-
Pop Box: Elson Froes brings you visual poetry- my fav's-Autopsia das utopias & Love poem did I forget to tell you, he also translates Sylvia Plath into portugues
Sondra's Doggie Page: Sondra is a German Shepard- great page for kids- & no, it's not me
MOCK MUSIC: Is rock music poetry? A crazy quiz
The Nobel Foundation: let's get serious- officially
Kuusankoski Public Library in Finland's: Authors Calender- find out which writer is born the same day as you
Carmen Eva DuHaime- a Poetess from Canada : as Carmen says- to become me is to create a disturbance- my fav is -I love you best
a patti smith babelogue: they don't have the ps photog's I took- but if you love patti- start here Poetry Front Page: Margery Snyder suggested to go here to get to the other stuff on poetry they have
Tom Kidding: poetry & art & music & philosophy & photography & from San Francisco & he likes Salvador Dali
The Net Poet's Society: Wayne John Field, a poet from Australia read his poems & essays on Aborigines & submit your poetry too!
Pudding Magazine: The International Journal of Applied Poetry: Jennifer Bosveld said send your poems snail mail to 60 N Main St., Johnstown, Ohio 43031 for consideration- of course check out their site for details you poetry fanatics you
Georgian Blue Poetry Society: Cool Canadians! Enter their poetry contest- read the poems of the day
Stephen Meigs: Over 18 for this site- this poet does not believe in sodomy-and writes about war
Lesbian Poetry: not everybody's a girl that has their poetry on this site- but great stuff to with girls, girls, girls
rooms on fire: Rach Dolenz has red magic infinity & more girl poems- some photo's too
Big Bridge- A Webzine of Poetry & Everything Else: Art, Poetry, & they publish chapbooks- not a bunch of Californian Slackers-
Riverside Center for the Arts: Art Work Galleries & a $1,000.00 Poetry Contest! and who said poets can't make money...
The Hermitage of Poetry: Dark Poems by the Handsome & Romantic Poet- Mark Smith or Marko, Marky, or dharmamark
I'm Moody, So What: Poems by Annjela & remember to sign her damn guestbook!
The British are coming!: Who's Who in British Poetry- David Taub told me baabee!
David Taub The Official Site: Ab Fab- I just love those British Accents
SPEEDMUFFIN: America's Prime Hard Rockin Underground Band- I love these guys
Fool On the Hill: Scott Goebel's poetry site- my fav The Franklin Tree
Poetry Calender:
Contributions to Hippyland: tell 'em it's groovy & sondra sent ya ok river?
Poetry Haven: Elle's site- I suppose it wasn't meant to be- my fav, and my best date tip for humans is never go out with someone you won't let your dog meet
Dragon Soup: personally, I'm obssessed with dragon's
maxx pugg's unauthorized joe whyte fanzine: funny stuff from my favorite pugglicist maxx pugg about joe whyte musician
Amanda Deane Turenchalk's poetry: from Pennsylvania- her poems, pic's, stories- my fav "Remembering PJ"
Poetry by T.J. Daniels: he's a single Baptist- well as of this february & my fav-"Under Lock and Key"
Christian Prophetic Poetry & Christian Poetry: Kathleen & Thomas Stewart take care of this site-
Go Poetry: Poetry Performance Channel- amazing stuff
Franklin Furnace: In New York City- performance art + museum & where my art poetry chapbook "puzzles" lives
Poetry In Motion: certified actor bards on the road with the spoken word
Nine 24: over 18 only - cause this is a XXXXXXXXX- 24 rated site about sex & beer & rock'n'roll- chicago
The Poetical Works of John Keats: To Hope- and everything Keats wrote- I'm in love with- thankx jany
Poetry from My mind's Eye by Raven Lunatique:
Ron Knights's Poetry:
Eileen author of "Messy on the Inside":
Lonny- a Jazz Pianist:
Rick Benson:
A Poet Born Press:
Ana Cristina Simon:
Jeff,Kelly & Charlie:
Anthony Amendolare's Music-Kraft Web site : with Poetry stuff on it
Linda Marie:
Ms. Blues:
Evan Hadfield:
Satcie Sire: Gothic Poetry & Art
Derek Adami:
Bobbie Joe Beeman:
Please note, I'm now adding more link pages so after august 1, 2000 looks like all the links
will be up to date... looks like there's a whole lot more out there addicted to poetry than
when i first started this... now i'm going to go walk the dog

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Dear Humans
who read poetry,
Yes, I am a real
live poetess.
This page will be
updated when
I have the time.
Any additional poetry
links most appreciated.
In the meantime,
leave the planet
better than you found it,
ws: and in case you were
wondering- I wanted to be
a writer when this kindergarten
picture was taken