Allright already- You asked for it, now you got it! It's the List of Poems Sondra Faye wrote

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page three: Morning Smile
page four: puzzles: piece 1; piece 13; piece 33
page five: poem from "just roll the dice"
page six: Ride the Storm from "soulmates"
page seven: poem
page eight: poem
page nine: poem
page ten: dog photo & soul mates poem writ on a beach in Long Branch, New Jersey
page eleven: Mercy- a poem for my son
page twelve: another poem
page thirteen: poem from "play infinity"little people...
page fourteen: poem from "play infinity"lost innocence...
page fifteen: dedication poem to Shelly- my big sister
page sixteen: dog photo of smitty & poem for my teenage love mark- his dog's name was bogart
page seventeen: poem from "just roll the dice" pursuing the course you are destined for
page eighteen: poem from "just roll the dice" a good actor never pretends
page nineteen: poem from "play infinity" the twentieth century fallacy is cars.
page twenty: wildflowers in the rain written may 2001
page twenty-one: james dean, another one of my ghost mentors
page twenty-two: Poem - for a 6'4" Tony
page twenty-three: poem to doc plus a photo of doc & bobbie
page twenty-four: another force addicted to poetry
page twenty-five: sf 3 a.m. doodle
page twenty-six: A Light of Illusion
page twenty-seven:Just one from the manuscript Ocean Poems
page twenty-eight: 2 Photographs of Sondra Faye by photographer Pamela Weiman
page twenty-nine: yes you are on this page- this is not a test
page thirty: tell the world- plus not for profit dogs for the deaf banner
page thirty-one: thank you to my boys from tonibuddah
page thirty-two:
page thirty-three: Normally this would have a Schedule of Live Poetry Readings plus Photo of Sondra
page thirty-four: instant karma
page thirty-five: wassup
page thirty-six: come back
page thirty-seven:Chicken Soup & Grams
googlism : what googlism thinks about sondra faye