"puzzles" is a poetry chap book with original artwork
that was accepted at Franklin Furnace,112 Franklin Street,NYC,NY

Before you read some pieces of "puzzles", you must know that there
are 33 pieces. And I only handmade 33 chapbooks. Most of which I gave
away to friends. This is poetry for people that think in visuals. It
took me three days to write it. And like 99% of what I write, it didn't
have a rough draft- it's direct thoughts to paper.
That's right.
Total ZEN
Totally in the moment

piece 1.

extenuating circumstances falling into place
alleviated romances nestled longings in a face
distressful facades, clipped wings
red bones, white blood stains
chiaroscurro half tones, disintegrating dark moons
snow lilies snapping dragon's lunatic.

piece 13.
death struggling gallently flagitous from forgotten orbs
consequent lifestyles run rampantly incongruous
wrestling bear, trapped nowhere
loose hours, wasted life
preachers painted evaluation evaporates recognition
horrible whispers from the underground graves

piece 33.
chaotic emissary musing chanticlear crowing praise
delivered answer usurping fainthearted crane
chariots fulfilled, horses escaped
contented utopia, irretrievable matter
cloudy full moon takes me truthfully confessed
tomorrow i know i'll break the spell of eternity


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