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He dispersed me
in the eye of the storm.
Born in the Age of the Blue Tiger.
Don't try to understand
He wasn't really my man.
Just a figment of my reality.
Yet everybody knows
my boat's on a tidal wave.
Nothing seems to flux.
Just a shadow on the water
Drowning me
and tonight I'm just not sure
if I really do believe
I ever let you love me
Maybe it was just a dream-
the seamy world of the underground
All those children.
All those women,
all those men.
Thinking I'd go back.
No, I'm not crazy.
Just a little more human
than I'd like to be.
And you know what's so strange
& reassuringly funny
I don't want you back.
I just honestly want you.

So don't tell me again I fly too high
when I'm in love.
Don't tell me again
You want me back
Cause it's so not true.
I'm only on this physical plane
to protect.
Got to get my flukiest wings.
In the meantime leave my future
in your past.