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All students should pay their membership dues. Student fees are as follows:

$8.00: OTA
$10.00 OT

The fees will allow us to establish and maintain financial resources for fundraisers, to send fellow students to conferences, for guest lecturers and in cases, which would involve us to purchase necessary equipment that would be beneficial to us.

Fees will be collected over the next week.

All students should become active participants in our student association.

Nominations for Class Representatives will include:
OT Class Rep:
3rd year
2nd year
1st year

OTA Class Rep:
1st year

Office Nominations: These titles are open to everyone interested in running.

Vice President
Web Master

The eating/drinking policy

Call Dr. Hollander to voice your dissatisfaction
@ (516) 665-1600 x 231

At the second SOTA meeting of this semester dues were collected. They are $10 for OT students and $8 for OTA students. After dues were collected, the officers were elected.

President - Mary Muoio
Vice President - Jackie Elias
Secretary - Beth Kessler
Treasurer - Denise Raimondo
Webmaster - Steven Caggiano
He made this site.(what a guy!)
First Year Rep. - Danielle Brown
Second Year Rep. - Liz Frank
Third Year Rep. - Miriam Goldman

The rule about not eating in the classroom was discussed. The letter Charles wrote to be sent to Dr. Hollander about our request for permission to eat in class was read. Also, fundraising was discussed. SOTA will be selling food food in the OT office. It was decided that each classes' fundraiser will be banked by SOTA and 70% of the proceeds will be earmarked for that class. Additionally, we are making an e-mail directory. Everyone should his or her e-mail address to his or her class representative, and it will be compiled on the web site with password protection. Furthermore, the other branch of our school has moved to Bayshore, and they want to be part of our web site.

At the meeting different issues were discussed. SOTA is making a professor and student of the month. Each class will be given forms to fill out by their class representative to choose the student and professor of the month. Also, on the paper, each student should write a reason why they chose that person. These responses should be put in Mary's mailbox. The people chosen will have their picture and a little bit about put on the web site. This is to create a history of our school so that other people will know a little bit about it. Also, students will be given a form by their representative to tell SOTA how to spend it's money. Students should write whether they prefer that the money be spent buying items we feel are lacking in school like a scanner or a refrigerator, or if it should be spent for social events such as a boat cruise. Another topic that was briefly mentioned is that there is going to be a conference in Reno in 6 months. Additionally, the MS walk was discussed. If enough people are interested in participating in it, we could have a group from Touro go together. It is on Sunday, April, 18th. Each Participant needs to have $50 in sponsors. There is an option of walking 2.5 or 7.5 miles.

The next SOTA meeting will be on April 15th

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