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Occupational Therapy is a health care profession. The word "occupation" refers to how one utilizes time in everyday life including the activites of self-care, work, play and leisure.


An Occupational Therapist uses goal-directed activities to help people of all ages to prevent, reduce or overcome a wide variety of disabling conditions - mental, physical and developmental. They use their personal and professional skills to help people function happily and independently in daily life. Occupational Therapists work closely with physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers and physical, speech and recreational therapists. Occupational Therapy work settings include hospitals, public and private schools, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and home health agencies. Occupational Therapists have the opportunity to work in mental health, pediatrics, geriatrics, physical or developmental disabilities. With experience, Occupational Therapists may also work as consultants to community agencies, business and industry, or establish their own private practices. In addition to clinical practice, Occupational Therapists may choose to work in administration, education or research. With specialty training, they also work in practice areas such as hand rehabilitation, substance abuse, or vocational readiness. As an Occupational Therapist, you will have a rewarding career as an important member of the health care team.

PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS - A student must complete a total of 60 LAS credits which will include the following prerequisites:

  • 8 credits General Biology (with labs)
  • 4 credits General Physics (with lab)
    Including Mechanical Physics
  • 6 credits English Composition or
    English Composition and Literature
  • 3 credits Statistics

  • 4 credits General Chemistry (with lab)
  • 9 credits Psychology including General Psychology
  • Growth & Development and Abnormal Psychology
  • 3 credits Sociology
  • 3 credits College Mathematics
  • 20 additional credits of Social Sciences/Humanities



A student admitted into the Pre-Health Professional Program from high school may, after admission, apply directly to the Upper Division Professional Program of choice. Applicants must have an SAT score of at least 1100, and an overall GPA of at least 85%. Applicants must submit to an interview and meet Program requirements for admission. If accepted, the student must then maintain minimum requirements as specified by the Professional Program of choice throughout his/her Pre-Health Professional studies. If the minimum requirements are maintained, the student will then continue into the professional phase of his/her education uninterrupted.


Graduates of the Program are awarded a degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Masters of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. All graduates are eligible to sit for the licensure examinations in all 50 States.

Touro College
School of Health Sciences
Occupational Therapy Program
135 Carman Road, Bldg. #10
Dix Hills, NY 11746
(516) 673-3200 ext. 256

Touro College
School of Health Sciences
Occupational Therapy Program
27-33 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010-4202
(212) 463-0400

Taken from Touro College's main page.

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