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Yes sunsets are free every night!! We are featured to have some of the best Sunsets in the World.

Every Thursday Nite is
" Cruiser's Cruise Night "

Stroll down to  the base of High St. by the Flag.

Blue skies, clear water, gentle breezes - this describes the Lake Huron Shoreline in Southampton, not to mention sunsets that leave you spellbound.

Add to this setting classic, antique and customized vehicles and you have arrived at Cruiser's Cruise Nite.
This summer event is held every Thursday evening from  6:30 - 9, May to September.
Great door prizes, donated by local merchants, 50/50 draws and music from the 50's, 60's and 70's provide fun for the whole family. Vehicles from the area and beyond draw huge crowds of residents, visitors and vacationers. All funds raised by Cruiser's Cruise Nite are donated to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital.

As you enter Southampton, look to the lake and you will see a huge Canadian flag flying majestically  135' in the air. Directly beneath this flag, at the foot of High Street, you will find Cruiser's Cruise Nite.

By Gary R. Brown.

Tallest Flag on the
Great Lakes

Due to the great weight and length of the pole, it had to be transported to Southampton via truck in two pieces, welded together on site and lifted into position by a 65 foot crane. The base is secured by 8 bolts with a diameter of 2 inches. The bolts
reach 10 feet into the concrete bed. The pole is designed to withstand 100 mph gales without the flag and 60 miles per hour gusts with the flag raised.

The project was funded entirely by private donations from individuals, service groups, families and corporations. The flag is visible daily, weather permitting, from May 1 to Thanksgiving.

A group of Southampton citizens, "Friends of the Flag", formed in the fall of 1992 to launch a  volunteer effort to erect a Flag Pole commemorating the 135th anniversary of the founding of Southampton. They had a target date for dedication of July 1, 1993. The Flag Pole was to reach 135 feet from base to tip. A Canadian flag was chosen to honour the Town, the Nation and the history of the area. Southampton's heritage has always been closely allied to beacons with the historic Chantry Island Lighthouse, Harbour Range Lights, Weather Beacon and now the Flag. It was to be visible both from far out on the lake, and also high on the hill along High Street above the Little Lake. It was to compliment the wide main street of the Town and the cenotaph which honour the Town and Saugeen Reserve war dead. A park-like seating was envisioned including a dedication plaque, decorative durable brick work and plantings to  enhance the existing fountain, beach view and park. The park named "Dominion Lookout"  was dedicated on July 1, 1994.

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