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To Stardust-986's Collection
of Precious Lil' Angels

animated angel
With Wings Of Love!

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These are some of the sweetest little angels
From all over the Internet, who have gathered here
to warm the hearts of everyone who visits!

If you would like to invite a precious little angel
to go and stay with you on your homepage server;
WebTV users, Please Transload to your own server, and
PC users, right-click and "save as" to your hard drive.

Tripod is shutting down websites due to remote linking!
I will be moving my files around weekly, so if you don't
upload or transload to your own server, you will end up
with this graphic message!

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Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images.
tiny aniimated angel tiny animated angel tiny animated angel
baby angel with bird angel card with hello message
animated angel child three baby angels animated angel child
little indian angel angel friends animated black angel child
cute angel in pig-tails teddybear angel sweet angel praying

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sweet angel spirit flower
Send a Spirit Flower!

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None of the images here were created by me and I believe them to be public domain, except for the border background sets. I have provided a credit link to the creators of the border background sets at the bottom of each of my pages. If you know of any graphics which are copyrighted, please e-mail me and I will remove them, or credit them properly.

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Please Transload to your own server.
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Visit one of my favorite places
for fun and inspiration.

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sadie's border backgrounds

The MIDI used on this page is,
"Cloud Dance",
an original composition by Geoff!

Click to visit Original Music Compositions by Geoff

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