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 Can I awaken your heart from it's sleep.

To arouse inside those passions you keep,

with a feeling of closness too hard to deny,

that your heart will openly and willingly comply.




 Can I awaken your soul just once more,

with the colors of love and all it's decor.

To bring back those memories of love that did exsist,

the feelings it held with all of its bliss.




 Can I awaken your eyes to see,

this love I can offer that will always be,

full of kindness and gentleness too,

with a sprinkle of thoughtfulness,to offer you too.




 Can I awaken your arms to feel,

a tight embrace, that is oh so real.

to close all doors to the world ouside,

to bring out your love that you so despertly hide.




Copyright © 1997 By Katie~