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When I see the gentle rain,
fall over the land I live and breathe,
I'll know its not tears of sadness, you shed,
but hope eternal and love, you are sharing with me.

When I see the stars shinning overhead,
I'll reminisce that gleam in your eyes,
that you do watch and guide with your love,
that only your gentle heart could  provide.

When I feel the sun warming my face,
I'll think of all the brightened days.
The days you gave so much happiness to all.
Those loving memories of an angel,  I'll recall.

When I hear the thunder crashing,
I'll remember the laughter and all the smiles,
of one small boy who was,
such an angel on earth,
now running and laughing down heaven's aisles.

For I know heaven must have seen your heart,
so pure, so full of life and joy.
That's why you left all you loved,
to prepare a welcomed home in heaven,
when its our turn, to finally arrive.

Perhaps heaven must have needed another angel,
to guide, protect and love from above.
So fly away my angel to await our turn,
when we will meet again, my love!

Copyright © 1999 By Katie~


Authors Note: This poem is dedicated to the parents of Chris Bentley,
                               Mark and Jan Bentley who recently loss their precious
                               little boy. A  battle with such bravery he fought with
                               cancer. My heart goes out to them in their loss. I have
                               come to know little Chris through the net from my dear
                               friend Shell who resides in Australia.  The many stories
                               of hardship, pain, and joy of this special little man have
                               warmed and also torn at my heart. He will always hold
                               a special place in my heart. Many thanks to Shell for
                               through her words, she has let me come to know this

              dear young boy who was so dearly loved by all....

*Please visit the link below to see more about this brave little boy*