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                                         Asleep amongst
                        the grey of the day,
                          as the hollowing sounds
                           of nature's rains,
                          sings it's lullaby
                          to his unconscience presence.
                          His thoughts...
                          a whisper in the wind.
                          silently within his heart,
                           not to be revealed to conscience.

                       A sigh, that converts
                       his hardened mask,
                        to one of pure softness.
                        never to be revealed
                          in the day's light.
                         Blessed is this event
                           to be witnessed,
                           by these eyes of mine.

                              We have traveled so far,
                              amongst the paths of life,
                              to many roads,
                              paved with our lives,
                               some that would have left scars,
                             if not for our love.

                         Though only a brief encounter,
                         thru many a day,
                           filled with work
                             or other daily neccesities.
                            Never enough to feel
                              love's encounter,
                           but always knowing
                            it's presence,
                          within our hearts.

                         At this moment,
                          my thoughts,
                            are one of pure tenderness,
                           now as I lovingly,
                           watch his slumber.
                             Safe within my heart,
                              this side of him
                             I'll never chance to  see,
                           within the day's light.

                        Copyright ©  1998 By Katie~