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Is beauty only to be seen,
within the eyes that see.
What then, do our senses,
have to honor us through many a year,
if not the pleasures,
 of touching each others soul.
When all of beauty is withered and gone,
from the many doorways of life's dreams.
Will then, the heart have known,
reason to stay throughout.
Gathering memories anew,
washing away any sting of doubt.
When the tell-tail signs of age,
etch a grace upon the face.
Will the heart have the power,
to see beyond those flaws of time.
Venturing without a second thought,
 through the doors of the soul,
to  that one sacred place.
Throughout the years,
will the heart and soul,
 have the inspiration,
to continue in love's eyes.
Without any moment's hesitation,
secured within each tender sigh.
Will the power of the heart,
remember all the beauty once there,
 all the love and care.
Resting within one breath of time.
This never-ending rebirth of love,
 through the aging eyes,
 of yours and mine....
Copyright © 1998 By katie~