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You rise to the folly of the occasion.
To the extreme until you fall.
Then wonder why it all happened,
 overflowing regret for the night before.

The steps you take tread lightly.
Their footprints follow where you roam.
Often taking paths uncharted,
leading far away from home.

As the years pass by,
in hands of rapid movement.
Often to  catch you unaware.
Its glance of bitter reciprocation,
leave wounds from its icy stare.

You say you are recapturing lost youth,
The past history of long ago.
Youth once lost can  never be recaptured.
It's lesson, eventually you will know.

Its a fools paradise you live in,
This dangerous place you dwell.
Before too long if not you go,
Regret will be the only home,
you will know.

-Copyright © 1999 By katie~